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Welcome to Great Western Microsystems Ltd

Thank you for visiting The Debug Store. Take a look around. We frequently add new, exciting products which will help you in your work.

Instrument Cases
Protect your most valuable instruments from damage when not being used or being transported by investing in a rugged, waterproof carrying case.
Test Equipment
We have selected some of the world's most innovative and affordable test equipment for use in the lab and field. Take a look at what we can offer you...
Visibility of data transmission is key to ensuring that your design is performing as it should. A bus or protocol analyser should be an essential tool in your toolbox. With it, you can verify that the data transmission protocol is performing correctly. If you are experiencing probkems, the protocol analyser is an essential piece of kit to help you work out where things are going wrong and helping you fix problems speedily.
We stock a range of automation controllers based on the Linux operating system and compatible automation interfaces.
Controller boards with and without operating systems and compatible interface boards. Allows you to get your project designed quickly without designing your hardware from scratch.
Development Kits
Get up to speed with new technology with one of our development kits. Benefit from ready made hardware and tailored softeware tools to get you up and running as quickly as possible.
Emulate memory and CPU devices to help track down design issues fast.
PC Development
We offer you adaption boards to help you expand resource limited motherboards by extending the number of interface slots available, convert board interfaces or locate your favourite interface card away from the motherboard.
PC Interfaces
Connect your PC to a range of buses including GPIB, I2C, JTAG, SPI...
Every electronics design laboratory and production facility uses a device programmer. We appreciate how important it is to be able to rely on your investment in a programmer to meet current and future requirements.
Embedded systems rely on the ability top develop efficient and stable application code. We offer customised public domain development tools and affordable professional development tool suites and application libraries such as real-time kernels.
Tools for production testing such as boundary scan, automated test software and hardware tools such as soldering irons.

New Arrivals

MiniPCI Riser Card
Added: 23/04/2014
DediProg ISP-ADP-Intel-B Cable
Added: 23/04/2014
PCIe Expansion Backplane
Added: 23/04/2014
SKU: SKU-068-01
SKU: SKU-076-xx
MiniPCI Riser Card
DediProg ISP-ADP-Intel-B Cable
PCIe Expansion Backplane
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Flexible MiniPCI Riser (Riser) was designed to extend motherboard MiniPCI bus. The Riser includes a MiniPCI Host board, MiniPCI Adapter board and a PCI Express flat cable.

Our price (excluding VAT): $163.76
Market price: $181.31 save 10%

The Intel ISP Adaptor B connects the Dediprog SF600 to the SMD connector on an Intel Motherboard.
Our price (excluding VAT): $29.94
Market price: $32.94 save 9%

The Amfeltec SKU-076 PCI Express Expansion backplane was designed as a universal solution for Desktop or Laptop host computer expansion. It allows adding up to four additional PCI Express boards to the host computer. Expansion backplane can be placed inside any general-purpose computer chassis, and connects to the host computer via 1.25m (5') ir 2.5m (10') CAT6 cable.
Our price (excluding VAT): $685.32
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Sale Items

Byte Paradigm GP-22050 USB Instrument Byte Paradigm GP-24100 USB Instrument Leap Electronic Leaper-2 Linear IC Tester
SKU: GP-22050
SKU: GP-24100
SKU: Leaper-2
Byte Paradigm GP-22050 USB Instrument
Byte Paradigm GP-24100 USB Instrument
Leap Electronic Leaper-2 Linear IC Tester
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The Byte Paradigm GP-22050 is an entry-level 16-bit high-speed pattern generator with a built-in logic analyser and bi-directional protocol exerciser / analyser.

Our price (excluding VAT): $540.61
Market price: $1,326.56 save 59%

The Byte Paradigm GP-24100 is a 16-bit high-speed digital pattern generator with built-in logic analyser and bi-directional protocol (SPI/I?C) host adapter capabilities. The GP-24100 is fitted with a fast USB 2.0 PC interface.

Our price (excluding VAT): $582.19
Market price: $1,413.89 save 59%

The Leaptronix Leaper-2 is a small, portable, battery powered linear IC tester.

Our price (excluding VAT): $415.85
Market price: $823.38 save 49%
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Quantity (from 1 to 2)
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Xeltek SuperPro-3000U Universal Programmer
SKU: SuperPro-3000U-UK
Xeltek SuperPro-3000U Universal Programmer
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The Xeltek SuperPro-3000U is a Stand-alone 48-pin universal programmer, supporting over 48,000 devices.
Our price (excluding VAT): $989.72
Market price: $1,488.74 save 34%