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3.3V-5V Voltage Translator Board

3.3V-5V Voltage Translator Board


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The 3.3V-5V Voltage Translator Board is a bidirectional voltage translator that comes integrated with two 8-bit, dual supply, configurable voltage interface transceivers, model LVXC3245. Made using dual metal CMOS technology, the LVXC3245 module includes two separate supply rails that allow transition from a 3.3V to 5V system environment. The 3.3V-5V Voltage Translator Board allows user to adjust voltage levels of a development system sending 3.3V voltage signals and receiving 5V voltage signals. All the inputs and outputs are 5V tolerant. Ideal for asynchronous communication between two data buses (A and B), this bus transceiver transmits data from A to B or vice versa, based on the logic level at the Direction-Control (DIR) input. The Output-Enable (OE) input can be used to disable the device, thus isolating the buses effectively.

The 3.3V-5V Voltage Translator Board is well-suited for PCMCIA configurable I/O applications and makes an ideal choice for low power designs. It also meets all PCMCIA I/O voltage requirements at 5V and 3.3V operation.

  • Based on two x OnSemi LVXC3245
  • Bidirectional interface between 3V and 3V-to-5V buses
  • All inputs and outputs are 5V tolerant
  • Outputs source/sink up to 24 mA
  • Compatible with all mikroE development boards
  • Control inputs compatible with TTL level
  • Compact size board
  • 5 male header connectors for solderless connections
  • Minimum Input Edge Rate (dV/dT) 8 ns/V
  • Clear marking to facilitate connections
  • Lead Free and RoHS Compliant
  • Flexible solution suitable for all MCU architectures

Product Details

IC/Module: LVXC3245 8-bit Configurable Dual Supply Transceiver

The LVXC3245 is a 24-pin dual-supply, non-inverting bus transceiver especially well-suited for PCMCIA, and other real time configurable I/O applications. The VCCA pin receives a 3V supply level. The A Port is a dedicated 3V port. The VCCB pin receives a 3V-to-5V supply level. The B Port is set up to track the VCCB supply level respectively. A 5V level on the VCC pin will configure the I/O pins at a 5V level and a 3V VCC will configure the I/O pins at a 3V level. The A Port should interface with a 3V host system and the B Port to the card slots. This device allows the VCCB voltage source pin and I/O pins on the B Port to float when OE# is HIGH. This attribute is necessary to buffer data to and from a PCMCIA socket that require live insertion and removal during normal operation.

Bidirectional Adjustment of Voltage Signals

The 3.3V-5V Voltage Translator Board provides bi-directional adjustment of voltage signals, which means the voltage signals may be sent and received at the same time (from 3.3V to 5V and vice versa). In bi-directional mode, the position of jumpers is subjected to the voltage signal direction. For instance, if voltage signals are sent from a development system (3.3V) through the LSV0 pin to a device (5V) through the HVS0 pin, it is compulsory to position those pins' jumpers into the position marked A. At the same time, voltage signals may be sent from the device (5V) using HVS1 to the development system (3.3V) using LVS1, as long as that those pins' jumpers are placed in the position marked A . These rules apply to all jumpers on the board,

3.3V to 5V Voltage Translator Board User Manual 3.3V to 5V Voltage Translator Board User Manual (2495 KB)
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