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7seg Click Board

7seg Click Board


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The 7seg Click Board™ is an accessory board that allows user to add 2-digit seven-segment display to the device. This compact board includes two on-board 74HC595 8-bit serial-in, parallel-out shift registers as well as two seven-segment displays. The 74HC595 shift register has an 8-bit storage register and an 8-bit shift register. The data is written to the shift register serially, then latched onto the storage register. The 7seg Click Board™ uses the Serial Peripheral interface (SPI) to communicate with the target board microcontroller. The board is designed to operate using a 3.3V or 5V power supply, selectable by an SMD jumper. The power indicator LED is available on-board.

The 7seg Click Board™ is an ideal choice for adding popular 7-segment display to the device while using only 4 microcontroller pins. The green LED diode denotes the status of the power supply.

  • Two red 7 segment digits onboard
  • Two 74HC595 serial-in parallel-out shift registers with SPI interface
  • 8-bit serial input
  • 8-bit serial or parallel output
  • Storage register with 3-state outputs
  • Uses only 4 microcontroller pins
  • Very compact design and affordable price
  • LED Indication for power supply
  • SMD jumper selects 3.3 or 5V power supply
  • RoHS compliant
  • Supported in all mikroElektronika compilers

Product Details

IC/Module: 74HC595 8-bit Serial-In, Parallel-Out Shift Register

74HC595 is an 8-stage serial shift register that feeds an 8-bit D-type storage register with parallel 3-state outputs. Separate clocks are provided for both the shift and storage register. Both the clocks, i.e, shift register clock (SRCLK) and storage register clock (RCLK), are positive-edge triggered. When connected together, the shift register always is one clock pulse ahead of the storage register.

SMD Jumpers

7seg Click features a J1 SMD jumper, which enable the user to switch between 3.3V or 5V power supply. By default, J1 jumper is soldered in 3.3V position.

7 Segment Display Click Board User Manual 7 Segment Display Click Board User Manual (467 KB)
MikroBus Specification MikroBus Specification (1365 KB)
  • 7seg Click Board (1)
  • 1x8 male headers (2)
  • Printed User Manual and Board Schematic (1)

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