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What Can The Debug Store Do For Me?

The Debug Store is my company. I am a professional electronics and software engineer, which puts me in an ideal position to help you. I understand some of the pains and issues you face as an electronics engineer. And, I am proud of the service I offer my customers.

Your design, debugging and testing challenges are our reason for being here. For many issues you may face, I have been there and solved them! I’ve also gained knowledge from other customers which I can apply to your problems.

I have a particular interest in Rapid Electronics Development™ (RED™). RED is all about building prototype hardware and software projects quickly.

RED will help your company develop new products fast. Take the prototype to your customer before your competition. They cannot fail to be impressed! This is essential in today’s cut and thrust commercial marketplace. Send me an email for more details.

OK, let me give you some easily digested reasons why you would want to work with The Debug Store:

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look around The Debug Store and let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards

John Legg, Director of The Debug Store

John Legg

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Xeltek Programmers – FIRE SALE

Are you looking for a low-cost, professional device programmer or device adapter?

Xeltek Programmer - SuperPro-6000

This is a one-off opportunity to buy a professional-grade device-programmer at a knock-down price. All programmers are brand new and original Xeltek products.

Device-programmers are essential pieces of kit for the electronics design engineer and hobbyist. Those memories devices just don’t program themselves!

Sure, many newer devices are programmed via serial interfaces such as SPI or I2C. In case you were wondering, you can also program EEPROM and Flash memory with SPI or I2C interfaces with Xeltek programmers.

That makes any Xeltek device programmer a great investment.

Legacy Devices

Many devices still need to be programmed in a dedicated burner. Programmable logic, EPROMS (yep, they are still used by some folks!) etc all need a burner.

We have many customers, especially in the gaming industry who need to re-program EPROMs when rates change, for example. There is a lot of kit out there which still needs a device-programmer to change its configuration.

Xeltek– The Company

Xeltek is a leading programmer manufacturer. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, close to many semiconductor manufacturers, its manufacturing facility is located in China. This allows them to offer state of the art programmers at reasonable prices. Engineers, worldwide have been choosing Xeltek device-programmers for over two decades.

Xeltek now supports over 100,000 different devices, that’s some of the best support in the industry.

Why are we Selling Xeltek Programmers at Bargain Prices?

For many years, The Debug Store was the UK distributor of Xeltek products. We took the decision a few years back to focus on other development tools. And, we still have a small stock of programmers and adapters left in stock.

To be blunt, these are taking up space in our warehouse, and they have to go to make space for other interesting products!

It’s rare that an opportunity like this presents itself.

So, grab a bargain now before we sell out:

The MCUStore has Retired

Logo MCUStore

The MCUStore (Paltronics) has been supplying electronic design engineers and hobbyists in the UK with MikroElektronika development tools for many years.  In 2016 it ceased trading.  The MCUStore has transferred its assets to The Debug Store to continue providing excellent service to its large family of loyal customers.

Gavin Palmer

You may have had dealings with its owner Gavin Palmer in the past.  Gavin is now focussing on his embedded development work. The Debug Store has now acquired the MCUStore distribution business.  Gavin wants to thank all past customers for their business.  If you wish to contact Gavin, just send your details to me, John Legg (John.Legg@TheDebugStore.com).

The Debug Store – your new MikroE distributor

The Debug Store has been supplying embedded systems development tools for over 25 years.  We aim to provide the same excellent service that the MCUStore offered plus expand the range of mikroElektronika products in stock.  In addition to selling products from our on-line store, we have also made them available via Amazon and Ebay.

The Debug Store is now fully stocked with MikroElektronika products for your convenience.  Get in touch with me, John Legg at The Debug Store if you have any questions.  I will be pleased to help you.

mikroElektronika: A New Development Tools UK Partner

MikroElektronika (mikroE), a high-flyer in the European development tools market has chosen The Debug Store as its specialist distributor of compilers and development boards in the UK.

We are all very excited about this here as mikroE has some really innovative development tools which make the development engineer’s life much easier.  Not only has mikroE created all its own tools in-house, they support three languages: C, Pascal and Basic for ALL their supported microprocessor families.  They have also designed a stunning range of development platforms for each MCU family from tiny prototyping boards to full size development platforms with the capability of connecting to over 240 different interface boards. Support for all development boards including example code is included as standard including specially written library routines.

We aim to stock all mikroE products.  We also offer Free UK and EU Shipping.

Here are some great reasons to choose MikroElektronika for your next development project:

MikroElektronika MikroC Compiler from

MikroC Compiler from MikroElektronika

Professional Compilers with Free Support and Updates

MikroElektronika offers free support for its C, Pascal and Basic compilers.  All updates are provided free of charge with no maintenance contracts to buy. The company also provides free support for the life of the product.

All compilers have built-in LibStock library support and working examples for a wide range of interface types.  Click Boards™ are supported so there is no need to wade through data sheets to work out which bits in each control register need to be set-up.  This feature will save you loads of time and your company a lot of money!

Fully featured development Platforms

EasyMX v7 for STM32

The Best Development Boards on the Market

Get your new project off to a flying start with a fully-functional development board. Choose the interfaces you need and your compiler will automatically configure the software so they can be used straight away.

The EasyMX v7 for STM32 for example shown to the left brings out all MPU interfaces. Different CPU boards can be fitted to suit the variant you have chosen. A SWD debug port interface is included so you can connect to your development PC using a standard USB cable . Two mikroBus sockets are also included to connect two Click Boards.  Development boards are available for all MPUs supported by mikroE compilers.

Ready Boards

Ready for AVR with Case

Ready Boards for Prototyping

A full development board is a great investment if you have multiple projects to develop.  If you need a to create a simple project we can also supply cut down prototyping boards a custom designed case so you can get your pre-production prototype completed in record time.

The Ready board includes a prototyping area where you can add your own circuitry. The board features a built-in power regulator so it can be powered from an external mains adapter.  Add your own connectors and make cut-outs in the case and your prototype is ready.

Multimedia Development Boards

mikroMedia for dsPIC33

MikroElektronika MultiMedia Development Boards

Maybe you just need to upgrade the user interface on an existing product to extend its life.

We have a range of multimedia boards with or without touch-screen sensors and in different sizes which can be incorporated into your design.  Each includes a powerful processor for handling on-screen graphics and control.  We can even help you with simple design software for creating a professional user interface.  For a small production run, it may be most cost effective to embed a mikroMedia board into your equipment.  If you prefer to manufacture your own – no problem, we give you full schematics so you can roll your own and trim your costs.

Air Quality Sensor Click Board

Air Quality Sensor Click Board

Click Boards

Click Boards have been developed by MikroElektronika to connect to a host MPU using the mikroBus interface standard.  Many semiconductor companies are now adding mikroBus connectors to their development boards so specialised interfaces can be tested out of the box.  mikroE manufacturers over 170 different click boards providing functions such as gas detectors, gyroscopes, proximity detectors, CAN, LIN, RS-232, RS-485.  Even heart rate monitors and fingerprint readers are available.

Sensor manufacturers commission mikroElektronika to design Click Boards for their devices.  A new Click Board can be created and manufactured within a week!  This includes the writing of new library code and a working example.  Currently MikroE is producing about 5 new click boards per month.

Why The The Internet of Things (IoT)?

Are your embedded control systems compatible with the Internet of Things (IoT)?

If not. then maybe you should start considering the commercial advantages of making them compatible.  Controlling and monitoring your local systems automatically from a Cloud-based application is definitely the way forward in the move to improve productivity.  This may be possible by making modifications to your existing local systems.

IoT- The Local System

For the IoT to work, it is essential that the local system can react to events by pushing information relating to a change status to the Cloud-based server application. Examples may include a vending machine running low on supplies or a boiler needing to report a fault.

IoT – Cloud-Based Server Application

When an event is reported a decision can then be made to book an service call by support staff to refill the vending machine or technician to checkout the boiler.  This can all be done in the background before the customer is even aware there is an issue.

Great Customer Service

Imagine how impressed your customer will be when his service supplier fixes problems before he is aware of them?

So, what do I do now?

Well, that is entirely up to you.  I would recommend you start considering the IoT compatibility of your existing control systems.  The Debug Store is now actively expanding its range of Automation Controllers with IoT and M2M capability.  Take a look at what we can offer now…

Amfeltec SKU-085-01 Squid x8 MiniPCIe Carrier Board

New PCIe Carrier Board for MiniPCIe Modules

Have you every had the need to add multiple interface cards to your PC motherboard and do not have enough PCIe card slots?  Then you need a Carrier Board.

The new SKU-085-01 Squid Board family from Amfeltec could be an ideal solution for you. Choose compact MiniPCIe boards for your interfaces and benefit from the ability to house up to eight of them on a single PCIe Board.  No need to extend your motherboard;  instead, a neat and compact solution housed in your current PC case.

Carrier Board Holds Up to Eight MiniPCIe Cards

The first Board in the family houses up to 8 half or full size MiniPCIe boards in a compact double-sided arrangement.  Each board has access to a PCIe Interface, USB and dedicated SIM card holder. The carrier board is ideal for multi-channel products such as wirelsss channel banks (GSM and WCMDA), video capture appliances etc.  The board is available with a x1 or x16 PCIe connector and in full and half-height versions, making it suitable for use in most PC case types.

Space Saving

The unique structure of double sided board mounting has a patent pending.  It offers maximum board density whilst ensuring each board has sufficent free space around it for adequate cooling.

Buy Now

The SKU-085-01 Squid Board is in production and we are ready to take orders for fast delivery.  Take a look now…