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Accel SPI Board

Accel SPI Board


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The new Accel SPI Board is a three-axis acceleration measurement tool that comes with an ADXL345 three-axis accelerometer circuit. This 3-axis acceleration tool is designed to measure static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from motion or shock. It comes with a selectable measurement range of 2g, 4g, 8g, or 16g. It is connected to the microcontroller on the development board through pad pins.

The Accel SPI Board operates on low power consumption and is thus, well-suited for mobile device applications. The Accel SPI Board with high resolution (4 mg/LSB) allows measurement of even less than 1.0' of change in inclination. The digital output data is formatted as 16-bit Twos Complement and is accessible via industry-standard serial SPI communication interface. The Accel SPI Board is powered by embedded FIFO technology and thus, minimizes the host processor load. Designed for high performance, this compact-sized board is designed to operate using a 3.3V power supply only.

  • For tilt-sensing applications in three dimensions
  • Based on the ADXL345 three-axis accelerometer
  • Ultra-low power consumption: 40
  • Full resolution, where resolution increases with g range, up to 13-bit resolution at
  • Supported by all mikroElektronika compilers
  • User-selectable resolution
  • Tap/double-tap detection
  • Activity/inactivity monitoring
  • Integrated FIFO buffer to minimize host processor intervention
  • Temperature range:
  • Compact design, small footprint

Product Details

IC/Module: ADXL345 Three-Axis Accelerometer

ADXL345 is an ultra-small, low-power, 3-axis accelerometer tool that measures static and dynamic acceleration in 13-bit resolution ranging +/- 16g. The digital output data is formatted as 16-bit twos complement and is accessible through either a SPI or I2C digital interface. It is an ideal choice for integrating into mobile devices thanks to its low power consumption.

Extraordinary Sensing Functions

The ADXL345 aboard Accel SPI Board features several special sensing functions. It provides activity and inactivity sensing that detect the presence or lack of motion. The tap sensing identifies taps and double taps while the free-fall sensing detects whether the tool is falling. These sensing functions can be mapped to one or two interrupt output pins.

Accel SPI Board User Manual Accel SPI Board User Manual (934 KB)
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