LIN 2.1

In September 2006, the LIN Association released the LIN 2. 1. It greatly improved on LIN 2. 0 in three aspects: add the competition process of Event Triggered Frame; perfect the node configuration and classify the diagnose. These improvements make LIN be more stable and individual. Now LIN Bus is widely used in related products of automobile, such as the control system of car door, car window, etc

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  • HARP-5 CAN and LIN Bus Simulator
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    HARP-5 CAN and LIN Bus Simulator

    The Lipowsky HARP-05 is a mobile LIN and CAN bus simulation device that comes with data logging capability and features a display, an integrated keyboard, and a battery. It also comes with an SD-card that can store multiple configurations, which can be later accessed as and when required. This feature allows you to analyze all bus communication directly from the device, without even connecting a computer to it.

    This simulator helps you in running LIN and CAN bus devices and viewing signal values in real time. You can also choose to change signal values or execute macros to control the bus.

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