Intel has developed a successor to its Low Pin Count (LPC) bus that it calls the Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface Bus, or eSPI for short. Intel aims to allow the reduction in the number of pins required on motherboards compared to systems using LPC, have more available throughput than LPC, reduce the working voltage to 1. 8 volts to facilitate smaller chip manufacturing processes, allow eSPI peripherals to share SPI flash devices with the host (the LPC bus did not allow firmware hubs to be used by LPC peripherals), tunnel previous out-of-band pins through the eSPI bus, and allow system designers to trade off cost and performance.

The eSPI bus can either be shared with SPI devices to save pins or be separate from the SPI bus to allow more performance, especially when eSPI devices need to use SPI flash devices

*from Wikipedia

eSPI Analysers

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  • eSPI Bus Analyser Kit

    The Total Phase eSPI Bus Monitor includes everything needed to Monitor and Analyse the Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (eSPI). The eSPI bus has been developed by Intel.

    The Monitor includes the Total Phase PROMIRA™, a high-performance tool for stimulating and analysing serial buses, an eSPI Analysis, application, and the Data Centre Bus Analyser Software.


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