There are so many signal kinds for special Network, the normal has LIN, CAN, FlexRay,TIP/C, SAEJ1850,TFCAN, ASRB, MOST and so on, The American Auto Engineer Association (SAE) separates the special serial signals into three classes according to the transmission speed,there are A,B and C. Class A contains TTP/A (time Triggered Protocol/A) and LIN(Local Interconnect Net work)ï¼Ã…€the transmission speed is lower. Class B B contains J1850, VAN and low speed CAN. The class of C contains TTP/C, FlexRay and high-speed CAN(ISO11898-2). It is used in the relative parts of Auto safety or higher and more stable system,such as Power System and so on,the transmission speed is quicker, the normal speed is from 125Kbps to 10Mbps. FlexRay is one kind of high-speed transmission Bus (10Mbps per channel), it has the characteristic of time-sharing multiple-work and owns the functions of high and stable transmission and debug, it is very suitable for the new generation Auto control system . system .

FlexRay Analysers

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