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Arduino Educator

Arduino Educator

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Arduino Educator | ZeroPlus UK
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The Zeroplus Arduino Starter Kit with Logic Analyser is a great way to start using the Arduino, both for coding and electronics design. It's the world's first Arduino Starter Kit with Logic Analyser, the tool essential for verifying digital signals, as well as code, protocols etc. This kit come with the pocket size Logic Analyser, an official Arduino UNO board, Guidebook and electronic components to create many fun projects.

  • Great educational tool for learning about electronics and microcontrollers
  • Includes a Logic Analyser, the LAP Educator with 8-channels and 100MHz sample rate
  • Decodes over 80 different protocols
  • Powered by host PC via USB Port
  • Includes software and components to perform 10 different expertiments
  • ZP Studio, the software included will run under Win10, Win8.1 and Win7
  • Utilises the Arduino IDE to develop software applications.
  • Includes an Arduino UNO board for testing software applications
  • Also includes a breadboard with many components and all required leads

Product Details

The World's First Arduino Starter Kit with a Logic Analyser

The Zeroplus Arduino Starter Kit with Logic Analyser has a very simple design philosophy: provide the best educational kit for anyone to get started with Arduino, both hardware and software. When ZeroPlus's engineers were designing the product, they realised teaching how the Arduino works is not suficient. They wanted to let users learn by example; to verify by experimentation, coding and protocols. This is the most effective way to learn. The Zeroplus Arduino Starter Kit with Logic Analyser, unlike conventional kits, is the first ever Arduino experimental kit including an 8-channel Logic Analyser. .

With 10 unique projects you will learn how the Arduino works and test this knowledge with practical examples. You will fully understand the logic behind electronics and gain the ability to apply the ideas learned to your own projects in the future. .

Easy to Use GuideBook


Learning electronics and coding can be confusing for beginners. ZeroPlus thought of this and came up with a perfect solution: A cartoon-style guidebook. Simple graphics explain how to set everything up, run each experiment, and how to check the results with Logic Analyser. They make sure your learning is as fun and as easy as possible. Absolutely no electronics background is needed.

The ZeroPlus Logic Analyser


A logic analyser is an electronic instrument that captures and displays multiple signals from a digital circuit and helps monitor and analyze the operation of the system. .

How does a logic analyser compare to an oscilloscope?

Oscilloscopes are mainly used for analysing the characteristics of analog signals such as waveforms, amplitude, frequency, or phase, but they can't handle the complexity of digital circuits or a large number of signals. .

A Logic analyser captures and displays a sequence of digital events from each channel that can later be analysed. They are very useful tool for designing, optimising, and debugging hardware in prototype digital systems and also for fixing problems in malfunctioning systems.

The compact and light-weight Zeroplus Logic Analyser is a simple 8-channel logic instrument with an unique User Interface (UI), especially designed for beginners. With the specifically designed experiments, you will learn to analyse digital signals, coding and protocols in this kit, and have a good understanding of this must-have robust tool for every engineer.

ZP Studio - User Friendly Software


ZP Studio is specifically designed for educational use. It has anintuitive and user friendly interface, and only takes about 5 minutes to fully understand for the first time. .

With the ZP Studio, you can observe the digital signals and protocols. ZP studio can also decode some of the most common protocols such as I2C and SPI. Over 80 different protocol decoders are included. This app is both powerful and functional.

The Arduino UNO


To provide the best learning experience, an official Arduino UNO board and components are included to get you familiar with electronics if you do not have a technical background. .

The Arduino UNO board is the easy to use and best documented beginner's board. It takes out a lot of complexity and difficulty of making something work, such as wiring and coding. No soldering is needed, so you can concentrate on learning about the technology. This board is extremely expandable and you will be able to do thousands of different experiments of your own by using this board.

  • ZeroPlus LAP Educator Logic Analyser with 10 jumpers and 10 test hooks (1)
  • Arduino UNO rev3 CPU Board (1)
  • LCD1602 LCD (1)
  • I2C RGB LED (1)
  • USB Bridge (1)
  • Sound Sensor (1)
  • Battery Holder for 2 x AA batteries (not supplied) (1)
  • USB A-B Cable (2)
  • Breadboard (1)
  • Misc components (27)
  • Experimentor Guide (1)