Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Programmable Logic Controllers

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  • LadderDIP Development System

    LadderDIP Development System.

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  • LadderDIP4 and BRT1L Programmer

    LadderDIP4 and BRT1L Programmer.

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  • LadderDIP4 Development Board - bareboard

    The LadderDIP4 Development Board is an ideal platform for creating your own Ladder Logic-based automation controller (PLC). The LDK4 has been designed as a test-bed for the LadderDIP 4 module.

    The development board with DIN bar container, ready to be installed on board the machine to realise your customised automation. This card is supplied with the LadderDIP 4 module already installed and ready to be loaded with your Ladder program.

    With the LadderDIP PLC Studio development suite from MicroSHADOW Research , you will have achieved your automation in just a few steps.

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  • LadderDIP4 Module

    The LadderDIP4 module allows you to add complete PLC (Programmable Logic Control) functionality to your own control system. Control Engineers' prefer to program their systems using Ladder Logic because it is easy to learn and you can build your own control system really quickly.

    There is no need to purchase a separate Programmable Logic Controller to control your system. Now, you can incorporate PLC functionality directly into your own hardware using the LadderDIP4 module.

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  • LDP4 Programmer

    LDP4 Programmer.

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  • PICPLC16 v6 PLC System

    The PICPLC16 v6 PLC system used to develop industrial, home and office control devices.

    The system features GSM/GPRS communication, 16 relays, 16 opto-coupled inputs, RS-485, RS-232, serial Ethernet, etc.

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