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Baby-LIN-II LIN Bus Adapter

Baby-LIN-II LIN Bus Adapter


Baby-LIN LIN Bus Adapter | Lipowsky Elektronik UK
Baby-LIN LIN Bus Adapter | Lipowsky Elektronik UK
Baby-LIN LIN Bus Adapter - connections | Lipowsky Elektronik UK
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The Baby-LIN-II from Lipowsky Elektronik is a control device that allows you to control LIN-bus equipped devices with the help of a standard computer system. This is controller connects to the USB port of the computer and give you to the freedom to control the LIN Bus directly.

  • LIN-Bus controller for Restbus Simulation, ECU test, automated test systems and software development
  • Can be used via USB with a PC or as a stand-alone device
  • Supports Lin Bus versions 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2
  • Galvanically isolated LIN bus interface allows for trouble free operation with PC
  • Simulates LIN master and/or LIN slave nodes
  • Real-time access on signal and frame data (read/write)
  • Monitor operation with timestamp recording
  • Support for DTL (Diagnostic Transport Layer)
  • LINWorks application suite includes LDF-editor, session configurator and full customizable user interface
  • Control the LIN-bus from your pc application via DLL
  • Tested with Win XP, Vista, Win7 (32/64-bit) and Win8 (32/64-bit)
  • Very powerful and inexpensive, complete package including LINWorks software and USB cable
  • Developed and produced in Germany by Lipowsky Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, who are members of the LIN-Consortium and they also offer LIN development and consulting
  • Target applications are bus simulation, ECU test, automatic test systems, demonstration objects, and a lot more
  • Ultra compact; Dimensions: 85 x 45mm (H x W)

Product Details

The Lipowsky Baby-LIN-II is a compact and cost-effective way to control LIN-Bus equipped devices with the help of a USB port of a standard computer. This controller features an integrated 32-bit microcontroller that is responsible for important tasks like LIN-bus protocol decoding and message scheduling. It comes with the LINWorks software suite that contains application programs, which along with a DLL, allows you to access the LIN-Bus of the controller. The LIN-Bus can also be accessed directly by the DLL-API that is easy to use and allows you to fetch or put frames, respective signals to the LIN-Bus.

One of the most unique features of Baby-LIN is that it can be powered either the USB port or from the LIN-Bus, allowing it to be as a standalone device, without a computer. The macro feature of this LIN-Bus allows it to store commands sequences, which can be later used for various tasks like, running an endless loop of tests on a LIN-equipped ECU.

The voltage provided at the LIN-Bus side can vary between 9 volts to 36 volts, and since the LIN-bus is isolated from the USB side, there are no electrical interferences between the computer and on board electronics of the controller. The flash-based firmware storage of the Baby-LIN allows easy updates and changes of the LIN-bus specifications.

The LINWorks software suite that comes along with the Baby-LIN features various application programs. The LDF-Editor allows you to create, inspect, and edit LDFs. The Session Configurator allows you to define additional session parameters, like choosing which nodes should be available and which nodes should be simulated. It allows the Baby-LIN to play the role of both, master and slave nodes. The LIN-Bus can also work without any slave nodes, simulating all nodes at the same time.

All Baby-LIN products come with the LINWorks PC software, the Baby-LIN-DLL, an USB driver and USB-cable. So you get everything you need to start working with the Baby-LIN!
Yes. Many applications need to run continuously 24 hours a day. If you don't want to have your PC powered on for all that time, it's no problem with the Baby-LIN. The Baby-LIN is designed to run completely independent from the PC. The PC is only used for configuration and if requested to show and change any signal values or other commuication related parameters.
Yes. If you have to run multiple identical LIN devices at the same time, you need to supply a separate Restbus simulation to each device. For this the Baby-LIN DLL and the LINWorks software is designed to support multiple Baby-LIN's connected to one PC.
If you have a LIN job and there is no LDF available, then the LDF editor can help. The LDF editor is part of the LINWorks software and allows for creation of an LDF file from scratch. In that case, you need to have comprehensive information about that LIN device, to be able to make all the necessary entries in the LDF-Editor.
Lipowsky Baby-LIN-II Data Sheet Lipowsky Baby-LIN-II Data Sheet (0 KB)
Lipowsky Baby-LIN-II Getting Started Guide Lipowsky Baby-LIN-II Getting Started Guide (950 KB)
  • Baby-LIN Lin Bus Adapter (1)
  • 1.5m USB cable (1)
  • CD-ROM with Linworks application software and documentation (1)