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Baby-LIN-RM-II LIN Bus Adapter

Baby-LIN-RM-II LIN Bus Adapter


Baby-LIN-RM-II LIN and CAN Bus Adapter | Lipowsky Elektronik UK
Baby-LIN-RM-II LIN and CAN Bus Adapter | Lipowsky Elektronik UK
Baby-LIN-RM-II LIN and CAN Bus Adapter - front panel | Lipowsky Elektronik UK
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The Baby-LIN-RM-II is a rail mountable LIN and CAN bus simulator that features digital inputs and outputs. This device serves as a simple and economic solution of adding a LIN or CAN interface to your existing PLC. It works with a standard, off-the-shelf computer system and requires only a USB port to work.

  • Supports the LIN Bus versions 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2
  • Support for CAN High-Speed and CAN Low-Speed buses
  • Digital inputs and outputs (8 In, 4 Out) allow control of a LIN or CAN device by PLC
  • Additional 2 buttons can be configured to issue any bus command
  • In a few minutes you can configure a complete LIN or CAN bus control via digital inputs from a LDF or DBC file.
  • Output states can be controlled by bus signal values
  • Digital outputs can return LIN status info to PLC. Outputs can be modified by the time a signal is equal, unequal, smaller or larger than a compare value. In range and out of range checks are supported as well.
  • Ideal for retrofitting and modernization of test beds for new control units with a LIN or CAN bus interface
  • Galvanically isolated LIN and CAN-bus interfaces to avoid problems in an electrically noisy environment.
  • Supply Voltage from 8V to 34V DC voltage (typically 24 volts).
  • Expandable bei unlock codes to support SDF-V3 LIN functions, as well as support for the two CAN interfaces
  • LINWorks-V2 software compatible with Win-XP, Win7 and Win8
  • Compact unit, to mount on TS35 DIN-rail
  • Dimensions: 130 x 75 x 55mm (L x W x H)

Product Details

The Baby-LIN-RM-II is a controller that can be used to control LIN or CAN interface using a standard computer. This device comes with an integrated 32-bit microcontroller that can perform all time-critical operations.

LINWorks V2 Software

The Baby-LIN-RM-II includes the easy-to-use LINWorks V2 software suite.

Based on LDF or DBC files configurations can be set up within minutes. Each configuration can define which nodes from the bus will be simulated by the Baby-LIN-RM-II (restbus simulation) or how a change of state at the digital inputs will change bus signals or trigger a macro. Via the digital inputs PWM signals can be read, scaled and mapped to bus signals.

Signal values can be read can be read and written in real-time while other operations are in progress. This can be done via a Simple Menu found in the LINWorks suite or by a custom product or even via the API functions of a supplied DLL.

Operating System Compatibility

The LINWorks-V2 software suite is compatible to Win-XP, Win7 and Win8. A Linux version is available upon request.

Digital I/O

Also, the module's digital outputs can be controlled by the values of the bus signals. For instance; an output can be set, if a signal is equal to, not equal to, greater or less than a reference value. It also can be tested, if a certain signal value is within a given range or not.

LIN Bus Interface

The implemented LIN driver supports bus voltages up to 36 volts and can be used to up to 200 Kbit/s. These way even nodes that operate outside the standard limits of the LIN specifications can be controlled with the Baby-LIN-RM-II.

CAN Bus Interface

One CAN interface is designed as a high-speed interface, conforming to ISO-11898 with a SN65HVD251 driver while the other interface utilizes a fault-tolerant low-speed physical layer conforming to ISO-11519 with a TJA1054 transceiver.

Galvanically Isolated Interfaces

All communication interfaces (LIN, CAN and USB) as well as the digital inputs are galvanically isolated from the module's logic circuit.

Programmable Buttons

Additionally, the Baby-LIN-RM-II offers two programmable buttons that may be configured to control the start and stop functions of the bus.

Stand-alone Operation

The configuration designed on a computer can be transferred to and stored on the device, allowing you to use the controller as a standalone device, without any computer.


The Baby-LIN-RMII makes is easy to add LIN or CAN bus communication capabilities to PLC-based test equipment such as durabilty test facilities, validation tests etc. The Baby-LIN-RM-II is equipped with a powerful 32-bit microcontroller that handles all time-critical operations such as message formatting and the decoding of the bus protocol.

Lipowsky Baby-LIN-RM-II Data Sheet Lipowsky Baby-LIN-RM-II Data Sheet (0 KB)
Lipowsky Baby-LIN-RM-II Getting Started Guide Lipowsky Baby-LIN-RM-II Getting Started Guide (2382 KB)
  • Baby-LIN-RM-II Unit (1)
  • 1.5m USB Cable (1)
  • CDROM with LINWorks-V2 Software Suite (1)