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Total Phase Beagle USB 480 Power - Ultimate

Total Phase Beagle USB 480 Power - Ultimate

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Beagle USB 480 Power Ultimate Edition | Total Phase UK
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As USB devices continue to grow in number and complexity, developers need their monitoring and analysis tools to keep pace. The Beagle™.

  • Real-time data analysis and display USB 2.0 Low/Full and High speed
  • Automatic bus speed detection
  • USB 2.0 advanced triggering system with up to 8 states and hardware filtering
  • Capture traces to > 25GB with 256 MB internal hardware buffer
  • Real-time class decoding of HID, Audio, Video, Still Image, Printer, Storage, Hib, Network, Mobile and CDC
  • Real-time graphing of VBUS current and voltage
  • Interactive bi-directional correlation of current/voltage values with USB data

Product Details

USB 2.0 Monitoring

High Speed, 480 Mbps
Full Speed, 12 Mbps
Low Speed, 1.5 Mbps.

Target Device Port

USB 2.0 Type A receptacle.

Target Host Port

USB 2.0 Type B receptacle.

Analysis Port (connects to PC)

USB 2.0 Type B receptacle
Analyser is bus-powered.

Digital I/O Port

Mini DIN 9 connector
4 inputs, 4 outputs, 1 ground
Digital inputs are rated for 3.3 V and max 30 MHz
Digital outputs are rated for 3.3 V and 10 mA.

Current/Voltage Measurement

Peak Current: 3 A (transient)
Peak Voltage: 20 V (transient).


W x D x L: 70 mm x 26 mm x 114 mm (2.76 in x 1.02 in x 4.49 in).


97.5 g (0.21 lbs).

Operating Temperature

10 to 35 °C (50 to 95 Ult.

Total Phase demonstrates the Beagle USB 480 Power Analyser

USB Protocol Analysers will give you a good view of the USB communications protocol but will not tell you anything about the power consumpion of the target device whilst it is being used. When working with mobile USB devices in particular, power consumption is an important factor. The Beagle USB 480 Power Analyser allows you to monitor power consumption graphically as the device is running. This helps you identify protocol events than can give rise communication failure.

A Live Demonstration of the Beagle USB 480

A live demonstration of the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyser capturing and debugging data from Freescale's Kinetis K40 Microcontroller Tower system. This video also features the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter and the Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyser.

Debugging USB Traffic Using the Beagle USB 480 Real-time Analyser

The Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyser lets you capture and analyse high-speed USB data in real-time. This video demonstrates shows the analyser capturing and filtering USB traffic from different USB devices. Please note, Data Center software v2.20 is used in this video. For best performance, Total Phase recommends using the latest release of the Data Center software.
Introducing Data Center 3.0, Protocol Analysis Software for The Total Phase Beagle
Total Phase Beagle USB 480 Power Data Sheet Total Phase Beagle USB 480 Power Data Sheet (0 KB)
Total Phase Beagle USB 480 Power Users Manual (v5.10) Total Phase Beagle USB 480 Power Users Manual (v5.10) (2440 KB)
  • Beagleâ„¢ USB 480 Ultimate Power Protocol Analyzer unit (1)
  • 1.8m (6 ') USB A->B cable (1)
  • 304mm (1') USB A->B cable (1)
  • 457mm (1.5') Mini-DIN 9 Digital I/O cable (1)
  • Latest software version is downloadable free of charge

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USB Mini OTG Cable Set




USB 2.0 5-Port PCI Card