June 2017 Grand Click Board Giveaway

Visit The Debug Store anytime between the 1st and 7th June 2017 and enter yourself into a prize draw to win a Click Board.  Seven Click Boards will be given away as prizes during the week. Each person who signs up will also get an extra bonus (see end of this article). Here are the prizes: eINK … Continue Reading »

A Critical Mistake That Will Delay Your Next Project 

As an electronic engineer, you’re most likely are up against very tight deadlines. But there’s one mistake you might be making that’s going to make it impossible to deliver your projects on time. That’s because it could destroy some of your components and cause you embarrassing delays as you wait for a replacement. The kind … Continue Reading »

The MCUStore has Retired

The MCUStore (Paltronics) has been supplying electronic design engineers and hobbyists in the UK with MikroElektronika development tools for many years.  In 2016 it ceased trading.  The MCUStore has transferred its assets to The Debug Store to continue providing excellent service to its large family of loyal customers. Gavin Palmer You may have had dealings with its … Continue Reading »

mikroElektronika: A New Development Tools UK Partner

MikroElektronika (mikroE), a high-flyer in the European development tools market has chosen The Debug Store as its specialist distributor of compilers and development boards in the UK. We are all very excited about this here as mikroE has some really innovative development tools which make the development engineer’s life much easier.  Not only has mikroE … Continue Reading »

The Internet of Things Support

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Are your embedded control systems compatible with the Internet of Things (IoT)? If not. then maybe you should start considering the commercial advantages of making them compatible.  Controlling and monitoring your local systems automatically from a Cloud-based application is definitely the way forward in the move to improve productivity.  This may be possible by making … Continue Reading »

New PCIe Carrier Board for MiniPCIe Modules

Amfeltec SKU-085-01 Squid x8 MiniPCIe Carrier Board

Have you every had the need to add multiple interface cards to your PC motherboard and do not have enough PCIe card slots?  Then you need a Carrier Board. The new SKU-085-01 Squid Board family from Amfeltec could be an ideal solution for you. Choose compact MiniPCIe boards for your interfaces and benefit from the … Continue Reading »