New WiFi Digital Microscope Fills a Need

HC Vanson WDM1 WiFi Digital Microscope

HC Vanson WDM1 WiFi Digital Microscope

Sometimes it is necessary to take close-up detailed images within a piece of equipment.  A USB microscope is often the only choice but the USB cable can get in the way. This WiFi digital microscope is battery powered. It can be positioned in hard-to-reach places, making it ideal for us in the field.

We have just added a new digital microscope, the HC-WDM1 from HC Vanson to our range of exclusive and unique digital microscopes.  The microscope is very small, only 147mm x 37mm in size. It has built-in LED illumination and a rechargeable Lithium battery. And, no cables in WiFi mode!

Captured images can be displayed on a PC.  They can also be displayed on any Apple iOS device such as a iPad, iPod or iPhone. Even an Android Tablet or Mobile Phone can be used via the WiFi interface.  A USB connection is also provided if data transfer to a host computer is required and for charging the built-in lithium battery.

Hand-held digital microscopes are useful for:

WiFi microscope Ideal for PCB Inspection

WiFi Digital Microscope ideal for PCB inspection

WiFi Digital Microscope Ideal for PCB Inspection

  • Textile inspection
  • Print alignment and quality
  • Electronics inspection (poor quality joints and short circuits)
  • Precision Machinery
  • Medical inspection (Hair, skin, microbiological observation)
  • Detection of counterfeit bank notes, jewelry and coins
  • Education purposes


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