New PCIe Carrier Board for MiniPCIe Modules

Amfeltec SKU-085-01 Squid x8 MiniPCIe Carrier Board

Have you every had the need to add multiple interface cards to your PC motherboard and do not have enough PCIe card slots?  Then you need a Carrier Board.

The new SKU-085-01 Squid Board family from Amfeltec could be an ideal solution for you. Choose compact MiniPCIe boards for your interfaces and benefit from the ability to house up to eight of them on a single PCIe Board.  No need to extend your motherboard;  instead, a neat and compact solution housed in your current PC case.

Carrier Board Holds Up to Eight MiniPCIe Cards

The first Board in the family houses up to 8 half or full size MiniPCIe boards in a compact double-sided arrangement.  Each board has access to a PCIe Interface, USB and dedicated SIM card holder. The carrier board is ideal for multi-channel products such as wirelsss channel banks (GSM and WCMDA), video capture appliances etc.  The board is available with a x1 or x16 PCIe connector and in full and half-height versions, making it suitable for use in most PC case types.

Space Saving

The unique structure of double sided board mounting has a patent pending.  It offers maximum board density whilst ensuring each board has sufficent free space around it for adequate cooling.

Buy Now

The SKU-085-01 Squid Board is in production and we are ready to take orders for fast delivery.  Take a look now…

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