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CC3100 Click Board

CC3100 Click Board


CC3100 WiFi Click Board | MikroE UK
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If you are building an IoT device that connects to the internet through WiFi, your two biggest concerns are power consumption and security' both major strengths of the module on-board the CC3100 Click Board™.



Product Details

The CC3100 WiFi Click Board™ carries the successor of the highly popular CC3100 module from Texas Instruments. Its claim to fame was hat it simplified WiFi for embedded developers by integrating multiple Internet Protocols and a Wifi driver with a simple API.

CC3100 inherits all these benefits, and on top of that, adds an updated protocol stack (support for 802.11n) and cutting edge security features (TSL encryption, hardware crypto-engine and more).

To quote Hackaday: .

"If you are looking to pull a hardware startup out of your hat, you might want to plan your Kickstarter around this chip" .

Especially when you have it on a Click Board™!.

Hardware functionality

The CC3100 module itself comprises a Wi-Fi Network Processor and Power-Management Subsystems. This Fully Integrated Module Includes all Required Clocks, SPI Flash, and Passives.

For wireless reception, CC3100 Click has a 2.4 GHz PCB antenna.

CC3100 can function either as an access point, a station (connects to a router), or a node in a P2P connection. CC3100 Click has an on-board jumper FORCE AP for configuring the board to work in Access Point mode by default.

For communicating with the target board MCU, either the UART or SPI interface can be used (also configured through on-board jumpers).

For WiFi devices that can run for several years on two AA batteries

CC3100 has sophisticated power optimization features to make it suitable for IoT applications.
In hibernation mode, it can consume as little as 4 microamps. And it takes just 95 milliseconds for it to connect to WiFi out of hibernation. Even in applications when the module is always connected to WiFi, it can still cycle between sleep mode (120 microamps) to active mode (37 miliamps).

On CC3100 Click, entering and exiting from hibernation mode is controlled nHIB pin (in place of mikroBUSPWM pin).

For devices that are both smart AND secure

Developers have access to encryption technologies used to secure online banking and government services. Yet many IoT devices on the market are not secure, posing a terrible danger for users and manufacturers alike. With CC3100, you can make make devices that are both smart and secure.

CC3100 has a powerful on-chip crypto engine for fast, secure Wi-Fi and Internet Connections, with support for 256-Bit AES Encryption and TLS/SSL protocols. All with highly abstracted APIs that make them accessible. All of these are running on the module itself ,.

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