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Click Board 2 for PIC18FJ

Click Board 2 for PIC18FJ


Clicker 2 Board for PIC18FJ- small size | mikroE UK
Clicker 2 Board for PIC18FJ- small size | mikroE UK
Clicker 2 Board for PIC18FJ | mikroE UK
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The Clicker 2 for PIC18FJ is a fast Click Board™ two-seater that lets user move from idea to prototype, and all the way to the final product. It has two MikroBUS sockets that are used to exploit the huge potential of Click Board™s. Add a new Click Board™ into the socket and you get a new functionality added to the design. With a wide range of Click Board™s available, the combination possibilities are numerous.

  • Based on Microchip
  • 128KB program memory
  • 3,904 bytes RAM
  • Two mikroBUS host sockets
  • Board includes Pushbuttons, signal LEDs, jumpers, pads, etc.
  • 52 programmable GPIOs
  • USB MINI-B connecter
  • LiPo battery connector
  • LTC3586-2 power management IC
  • Pocket-size form factor
  • Preprogramed with the USB-HID bootloader

Product Details

Microchip's 8-bit PIC18F87J50 Microcontroller

The Clicker 2 for PIC18FJ is driven by the 8-bit PIC18F87J50 microcontroller. Intended to provide high performance using low power, this device includes on-chip peripherals and features 128 KB of program memory with 3094 bytes of RAM. It works with 12 MIPS of operation.

Programming the Microcontroller

The user can program the microcontroller in three different ways: Using USB HID mikroBootloader; using external mikroProg for PIC18FJ programmer; using external ICD2/3 programmer.

On-board LTC3586-2 Power Management and Battery Charger

The Clicker 2 for PIC18FJ is equipped with an integrated power management and battery charger IC called LTC3586-2. This chip comes with a current limited switching PowerPath manager. It also supports battery charging over a USB connection.


An on-board 8 MHz crystal oscillator circuit offers an external clock waveform to the microcontroller's CLK0 and CLK1 pins. This base frequency is suitable for further clock multipliers and is ideal for generation of the necessary USB clock for smooth functioning of bootloader and other custom USB-based applications.

Clicker 2 for PIC18FJ Board User Manual Clicker 2 for PIC18FJ Board User Manual (6646 KB)
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