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Counter Click Board

Counter Click Board


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The Counter Click is an accessory board designed to keep the DC motor shafts in check. Featuring the LS7366R quadrature counter, Counter Click Board™ uses the MikroBUS SPI interface (CSK, MISO, MOSI), plus enable (CNT EN) and interrupt (LFLAG or DFLAG) pins for communication with the target board microcontroller. The 32-bit quadrature counter is to be used with a rotary encoder to quantify the speed and direction of rotation of DC motor shafts. It enables the user to calculate the number of rotations of a shaft precise when things get blur to the naked human eye. The rotary encoder on a DC motor outputs ENCA and ENCB signals which are out of phase to each other. For decoding the signal, the other end of these wires is connected to the pinout on the top of the board for interfacing with incremental encoders. In addition to ENCA and ENB, the pinout aboard the Counter Click Board™ also an ENCI pin, which is a programmable index. The board is designed to operate using either a 3.3V or 5V power supply.

Counter Click Board™ is an ideal choice for applications that include measurement of the direction and RPM of DC motor shafts.

  • Based on the LS7366R 32-bit quadrature counter
  • Pinout for receiving A and B pulses from incremental encoders
  • Allows non-quadrature up-down counting
  • Multiple operating modes
  • Supported by all mikroElektronika compilers
  • SPI interface with additional Enable and Interrupt pins
  • Designed to use 3.3V or 5V power supply
  • Operating voltage range: 3V to 5.5V

Product Details

IC/Module: LS7366R 32-bit CMOS Counter

LS7366R is a quadrature counter with a high 32-bit resolution. The CMOS counter offers direct interface for quadrature clocks from incremental encoders. It also interfaces with the index signals from incremental encoders to perform a variety of marker functions. It uses a 4-wire SPI/MICROWIRE bus for communication with a host microprocessor.

How Does it Work?

A rotary encoder on a DC motor outputs ENCA and ENCB signals which are out of phase to each other, ideally by 90.

Counter Click Board User Manual Counter Click Board User Manual (1010 KB)
MikroBus Specification MikroBus Specification (1365 KB)
  • Counter Click Board (1)
  • 1x8 male headers (2)
  • Printed User Manual and Board Schematic (1)