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  • Leap PSTART
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    Leap PSTART

    The Leap Electronic PSTART is a PIC device programmer manufacturered under licence from Microchip Technology. LEAP PSTART provides product development engineers with a highly-flexible and low-cost tool to design microcontrollers, such as PIC16C5X, PIC16CXX and PIC17CXX 8-bit one-time-programmable(OTP).

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  • mikroProg for PIC, dsPIC and PIC32

    The MikroProg for PIC, dsPIC and PIC32 is a fast USB 2.0 programmer with a built-in MikroICDhardware In-Circuit Debugger. Smart engineering allows MikroProg to support PIC10, PIC12, PIC16, PIC18, dsPIC30/33, PIC24 and PIC32 devices in a single programmer!.

    It supports over 920 microcontrollers from Microchip. Outstanding performance, easy operation and elegant design are its top features. Debug your code and monitor code execution on the chip itself. MikroProgtechnology brings the power of hardware debugging to your favourite compiler.

    Compiler Compatibility MikroProgis supported with MikroC, MikroBasicand MikroPascalcompilers for PIC.

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  • Xeltek SuperPro-PIC
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    Xeltek SuperPro-PIC

    The SuperPro-PIC programmer supports PIC devices in addition to over 20,000 other device types.

    This programmer has now been discontinued, so pick it up at a bargain price.

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