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  • Dediprog SF100 SPI NOR Flash Programmer

    The SF100 is a high speed "In System Programming" programmer to update the SPI NOR Flash soldered on board or Freescale MCU using Ezport. The programmer is easily controlled from a PC or Linux machine using the supplied DediProg Software.  The connection to the host PC is via the USB interface.

    The perfect programming tool that can be easily controlled through the DediProg software through the USB. The SF100 is designed with a ISP header and users can connect the programmer and drive the SPI signals, supply the memory and control the application status or controller.

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  • SF600 SPI NOR Flash Programmer
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    SF600 SPI NOR Flash Programmer

    The Dediprog SF600 is a high-speed in System Programming programmer to update the SPI Flash memory soldered on board (In-system programming) or in the socket adaptor (off-line programming).

    An enhanced version of the SF600, the SF600 Plus is also available. This offers self-powered stand-alone operation and 4GB internal memory.

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  • SF600Plus SPI NOR Flash Programmer
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    SF600Plus SPI NOR Flash Programmer

    The Dediprog SF600Plus is a high-speed Stand-alone programmer for SPI Flash memory. Devices can be programmed In-System or off-line in a programming Adapter.

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  • SF700 SPI Flash Programmer

    The SF700 from Dediprog is a brand-new SPI Flash programmer which is one of the first in the market to support SPI NOR and SPI NAND Flash devices.

    The programmer is suited to the engineering lab environment with a choice of the familiar command line interface or Windows GUI interface. The SF700 is an enhanced version of the popular Dediprog SF600 programmer with additional support for SPI NAND devices.

    The SF700 is also well suited to small-scale production programming as it can work in stand-alone mode (using internal memory) or as a gang programming when connected to a PC.

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  • Total Phase Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter

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    The Total Phase Aardvark™ I2C/SPI Host Adapter is a fast and powerful I2C and SPI bus host adapter which connects to a host PC by USB. It lets you interface a Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X PC to the I2C or SPI bus of your target hardware so you can test devices connected to the bus and program Flash memory devices.

    The Aardvark™ includes the well-known Total Phase Control Center software which makes it easy to control devices connected to an I2C or SPI bus. Automatic testing of your devices can be done by the use of custom-written scripts, making the Aardvark™ ideal for use in the production environment for board testing. Free programming software is also included so Flash devices can also be programmed. 

    The Aardvark™ is often used by third-party device manufacturers to ship with evaluation kits and for use in their production processes.

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  • Total Phase Cheetah
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    Total Phase Cheetah

    The Total Phase Cheetah™ SPI Adapter is a high-speed, bus powered USB 2.0 device that allows you communicate over the SPI interface, at speeds up to 40+MHz. Designed to communicate with the SPI-based, high speed flash memory, this SPI adapter is the perfect tool for developers to for developing, debugging and programming SPI-based systems.

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