Adapters manufactured by MikroElektronika for programming devices with the MikroProg In-System programmer. We also include adapters that allow devices on ARM devices on non-MikroE boards to be programmed and debugged using the MikroProg Programmer.

MikroE Adapters

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  • 50-100mil Adapter

    The 50-100mil Adapter allows you to connect a mikroProg for STM32 programmer and hardware debugger to a Cortex debug connector.

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  • mikroProg to ICD2 & ICD3 adapter

    The MikroProg to ICD2 & ICD3 is a powerful adapter board designed to let you connect the MikroProg programmer and in-circuit debugger to a target board where only ICD2/3 connector is available for programming.

    This adapter board is an ideal choice for all those who relied on ICD2 or ICD3 programmer in the PCB design. Also, users using earlier versions of MMB for PIC32MX4 and MMB for PIC32MX7 can now use MikroProg in the development. Small, compact and reliable, this adapter board comes with ICD2/3 cable included. Designed with clear markings, MikroProg to ICD2 & ICD3 adapter features the necessary interface for stable and secure connection of PGC, PGD, RST, VCC and GND programming lines. It is provided with IDC10 header and RJ-12 connectors for easy and secure connections.

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  • mikroProg to ST-Link v2 adapter

    The MikroProg to ST-Link v2 is an adapter board that enables the user to connect MikroProg for STM32 programmer and hardware debugger to the male JTAG connector on the target board. Based on ST-LINK v2, MikroProg for STM32 is a fast in-system programmer and hardware debugger. Backed with outstanding performance and easy operation, the multi-adapter board employs one 2x5 male header and a 2x10 female socket. The MikroProg to ST-Link v2 adapter should be first placed on 2x10 male header on the target board, and after that the MikroProg should be plugged into the adapter.

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  • PIC ICSP Adapter

    The PIC ICSP Adapter is an adapter board which allows you to connect mikroProg for PIC, dsPIC and PIC32 to target board where 2x5 pin header with CODEGRIP PIC ICSP pinout is available for programming. 

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  • PICFlash Experimental Board

    The PICFlash Experimental Board makes the process of programming MCUs easier. There are 8-, 10-, 14-, 18-, 28- and 40-pin DIP sockets provided on the board. There is also an on-board 40-pin ZIF Socket for easy handling of a microcontroller.

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