There are thousands of silicon chips, or devices on the market to form the active element of interfaces, signal processors, detectors etc.

Imagine the situation you face once you have chosen a device which suits your requirements. You will likely want to quickly make a prototype board to test its capabilities and to check it meets the demands of the new product you have been tasked to create. But where do you start? How can I interface the device to a microcontroller? How can I get it working?

The Debug Store stocks boards and associated driver and example application software to allow you to start using interface modules quickly. There is no need to design and manufacture a pcb to hold the module before being able to use it.

Just think of the amount of time and expense that can be saved! Be ahead of your competition. Get a functional prototype working quickly. This will allow you to perform user tests before you commit to a final hardware and software design.

Active Device Support


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