Melexis believe in engineering with a purpose. Passion for technology has made us one of the four world leaders in automotive semiconductor sensors, as well as a leading player in integrated circuits for motor driving, car networking and wireless communication.

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  • 3D Hall 6 Click Board™

    The 3D Hall 6 Click Board™ is a very accurate, magnetic field sensing Click board™, used to measure the intensity of the magnetic field across three perpendicular axes. It is equipped with the MLX90380, a monolithic contactless sensor IC sensitive to the flux density applied orthogonally and parallel to the IC surface, from Melexis. This IC has a separate Hall sensing element on each axis, which allows a very accurate and reliable measurement of the magnetic field intensity in a 3D space, offering a basis for accurate positional calculations. The 3D Hall 6 click supports the industry-standard SPI communication protocol for communicating with the main MCU.

    3D Hall 6 click is supported by a mikroSDK compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development. This Click board™ comes as a fully tested product, ready to be used on a system equipped with the mikroBUS™ socket.

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  • Hall Current 3 Click Board™

    The Hall Current 3 Click Board™ is a very accurate current measurement Click Board™, which utilises the Hall effect to provide a precise and reliable measurement of reasonably high current. Its most distinctive feature is a very low series resistance of only 0.7mÃŽ©, making this device a nearly-perfect ammeter. The maximum current which can be measured by the MLX91210 integrated Hall sensor IC goes up to ±30A, but in respect to the nominal current measurement rating of the sensor, the current measurement is limited to about ±10A. The measurement is thermally compensated and conditioned by the high-speed integrated analog front-end sections of the Hall sensor IC. The current measurement value can be obtained from the on board 12-bit A/D converter, via the I2C interface.

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