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  • Manometer 2 Click Board™

    The Manometer 2 Click Board™ is based on the MS5525DSO-SB001GS digital pressure sensor, based on leading MEMS technology. The Click Board™ is designed to run on a 3.3V power supply. It communicates with the target microcontroller over I2C or SPI interface.

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  • Temp&Hum 13 Click Board™

    The Temp&Hum 13 Click Board™ is a Click Board™ which is perfectly suited for measuring the relative humidity (RH) and temperature. The Click Board™ is equipped with the HTU21DF, an accurate and reliable sensor IC, packed in a miniature 3x3mm DFN package. 

    This sensor is fully calibrated and features fast response time, low power consumption, full interchangeability with no calibration required, instantaneous desaturation after long periods in saturation phase and many more. This Click Board™ can be used for the development of the many different relative humidity and temperature measuring applications, including weather stations, reliable monitoring systems, asset tracking, HVAC/R based applications, and more. 

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