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  • Brushless 6 Click Board™

    The Brushless 6 Click Board™ is designed to drive a three-phase sensorless, brushless motor, also known as the BLDC motor. The motor rotation is controlled by receiving driving commands via the incoming PWM signal. This Click Board™ fully controls the rotation of the BLDC motor by utilizing the on-board MCU ATmega8A, an 8-bit MCU from Microchip. The on-board MCU outputs are not adequate to power on the coils of the BLDC motor directly, so this MCU is used to control the power circuitry, instead. This circuit consists of 6 MOSFET transistors, used to switch the power from an external power source to the appropriate stator coils.

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  • Clicker Board™ 2 for PIC32MZ

    The Clicker 2 Board™ for PIC32MZ is a compact PIC32 development kit with two mikroBUS sockets for Click Board™ connectivity. It carries the PIC32MZ 32-bit microcontroller (1 MB Live-Update Flash and 512 KB SRAM) with FPU from Microchip. With a built-in USB-HID bootloader the Clicker 2 Board™ for PIC32MZ it easy to program.

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  • Fusion for PIC32 v8 Development Board

    Fusion for PIC32 v8 offers universal support for a large number of Microchip's PIC32 microcontrollers on one board. The development board is equipped with a wide range of superior features that allow more complex projects to be created flawlessly.

    FUSION development boards are ideal for rapid prototyping with everything that engineers might need for their project development, with new world standards.

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