Portable Soldering Irons

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  • MP-31 Desolder Braid
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    MP-31 Desolder Braid

    Desoldering braid, ideal for removing components from PCBs.

    1.5m, flux-impregnated.

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  • MP-41 Multicore Solder
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    MP-41 Multicore Solder

    Handy pack of multicore solder designed for general electronics assembly work.

    12g Lead-free 0.8mm multicore solder.

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    • $6.91
  • MP-61 Battery Soldering Iron
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    MP-61 Battery Soldering Iron

    The MP61 is a very handy battery-powered cordless soldering iron designed for electronics field work.

    The iron is convenient to use and heat up in just 15 seconds - great for those emergency repairs.

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    • $17.98
  • MP-62 Soldering Iron Bit for mod-PRO MP-61
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    MP-62 Soldering Iron Bit for mod-PRO MP-61

    The MP62 is a replacement long-life tip for the MP61 cordless soldering iron.

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    • $8.29


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