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Microchip PIC

Microchip PIC


16F877A PIC Prototyping Board

16F877A Prototyping Board from CCS.



Click Board 2 for PIC18FJ

The Clicker 2 for PIC18FJ is a fast Click Board™ two-seater that lets user move from idea to prototype, and all the way to the final product. It has two MikroBUS sockets that are used to exploit the huge potential of Click Board™s. Add a new Click Board™ into the socket and you get a new functionality added to the design. With a wide range of Click Board™s available, the combination possibilities are numerous.



EasyPIC PRO v7 Development System

The EasyPIC PRO v7 is a full-featured development board for high pin-count 8-bit PIC' microcontrollers. It contains many on-board modules necessary for development variety of applications, including graphics, Ethernet, USB, data logging and other.



EasyPIC PRO v7 MCU card with PIC18F87J50

PIC18F87J50 microcontroller. Featuring nanoWatt technology, it has up to 10 MIPS operation, 128K bytes of linear program memory, 3936 bytes of linear data memory, and lot of internal modules.



EasyPIC v7 Development System

The EasyPIC v7 is top selling PIC Development Board for 370+ Microchip PIC MCUs in DIP packaging.

It features USB 2.0 programmer/debugger and over 17 essential modules necessary in development. Board comes with PIC18F45K22.



EasyPIC v8 Development System

The 8th generation of the EasyPIC development board is ready! Redesigned from the ground up, with every single detail made exactly to comply with premium standards of the 8th generation of development boards that not only mean quality but also capability. EasyPIC v8 allows you to have better control over the developing process by making it more widely applicable and project accessible from anywhere.

The EasyPIC v8 is a development board designed for the rapid development of embedded applications, based on Microchip's 8-bit PIC microcontrollers (MCUs). It offers a familiar set of standard features, as well as some new and unique features, common for the 8th generation of development boards: programming and debugging over the WiFi network, the connectivity provided by new, improved USB-C connectors, support for a wide range of different MCUs, and more.




EduKit84 PIC16F84A Evaluation Board

The ASIX EduKit84 is based on the PIC16F84A.



£18.00 (save 79%)



The ASIX EduKitBeta is an feature rich educational board dedicated as an option to MU Beta emulator.



£18.00 (save 78%)

mikroBoard for PIC 40-pin with PIC18F4520

On-board programmer with ICD support with miniUSB programmer connector. The MikroBoard carries PIC18F4520 MCU from Microchip, it's regulated with 5V power regulator circuit.



mikroBoard for PIC 80-pin with PIC18F8520

The MikroBoard is miniature development tool which includes a PIC18F8520 microcontroller, programmer, small proto board and two 2x40 female headers for connection with UNI-DS6 development system.



PIC-Ready2 Board

PIC-Ready2 board is a prototype board for 18-pin PIC microcontrollers. The board features a USB support with an on-board USB to serial UART interface device FT232R.
There are also IDC10 connectors linked to the microcontroller pins provided on the board. They enable many peripheral modules to be connected to the board, so you can quickly assemble functional working environment that perfectly suits your needs.



ProtoDev-DX-ASY Prototyping Board

ProtoDev-DX-ASY Prototyping Board



£24.00 (save 38%)