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Microchip PIC32

Microchip PIC32


Click Boarder 2 for PIC32MX

Blend different functionalities together and quickly build new and original gadgets using the Clicker 2 for PIC32MX board. The click board two-seater for PIC32MX is a compact development board driven by a 32-bit PIC32MX460F512L MCU from Microchip, operates at 80 MHz/105DMIPS, and has 512+12KB of program memory and 32KB of RAM. This clicker 2 board includes two MikroBUS sockets that allow user to plug in any two add-on click boards with unique functionalities and features. The board also has two indication LEDs, two general purpose buttons, a reset button, a USB Mini-B connector, a li-polymer battery connector, and an on/off switch. To assist in interfacing with external electronics, a MikroProg connector and a 2x26 pinout is provided.

The user can supply power to the clicker 2 for PIC32MX board with either a Mini-B USB cable or using a Li-Polymer battery, via on-board battery connector. It comes preprogramed with a fast USB HID bootloader, which enable user to load code into it without requiring an external programmer. However, the user can also program the MCU using external programmer using on-board pads for installing a header compatible with the MikroProg for PIC.

An LTC3586-1 power management IC allows charging of a connected battery via USB and delivers 3.3V or 5V to the add-on boards. The MikroBUS host connectors each consist of two 1?.



Click Boarder 2 for PIC32MZ

The Clicker 2 for PIC32MZ is a compact PIC32 development kit with two mikroBUS sockets for click board connectivity. It carries the PIC32MZ 32-bit microcontroller (1 MB Live-Update Flash and 512 KB SRAM) with FPU from Microchip. With a built-in USB-HID bootloader the Clicker 2 for PIC32MZ it easy to program.



EasyPIC Fusion v7

The EasyPIC Fusion v7 is MikroElektronica's latest prototyping board for the Microchip PIC24, dsPIC33 and PIC32 microcontrollers. Providing support to over 101 microcontrollers via MCU cards, the board comes with on-board MikroProg fast USB 2.0 programmer and In-Circuit debugger that allows hobbyists, beginners, as well as professionals with high-speed programming and easy debugging.

The board is rich with peripherals, which makes it a great choice for multimedia development. Equipped with modules like TFT with touch panel, stereo audio codec, USB device and host, navigation switch, and microSD card slot, the EasyPIC Fusion v7 board is all-set for all kinds of development. It has two MikroBUS host sockets that enable user to use a wide range of Click boards without making any hardware adjustments in order to add special functionality to the design. With on-board Ethernet support, the board comes integrated with an Ethernet connector and two signal LEDs. The EasyPIC Fusion v7 currently supports 125 Microchip devices.

Note: The board is sold without an MCU card, so the user can make a choice as per his own set of requirements. The MCU card is available separately.



EasyPIC FUSION v7 ETH MCUcard with PIC32MX795F512L

EasyPIC FUSION v7 ETH MCUcard with PIC32MX795F512L.



EasyPIC FUSION v7 ETH MCUcard with PIC32MZ2048ECH144

EasyPIC FUSION v7 ETH MCUcard with PIC32MZ2048ECH144.



EasyPIC FUSION v7 ETH MCUcard with PIC32MZ2048EFH144

This particular EasyPIC FUSION v7 ETH MCUcard contains the PIC32MZ2048EFH144 microcontroller with on-chip peripherals. It's a great choice for both beginners and professionals. After testing and building the final program, this card can also be taken out of the board socket and used in your final device.



Flip&Click Board PIC32MZ

The Flip&Click PIC32MZ is a two-sided development board with a split personality. It can be used with chipKIT core (Arduino-style development environment), but it can also be used with MikroC, MikroBasic, and MikroPascal for PIC32.

It??s a beginner-friendly rapid prototyping tool expandable with up to four click boards.



Flip&Click Board PIC32MZ (with ChipKIT bootloader)

Flip&Click PIC32MZ is a two-sided development board with a split personality. It can be used with chipKIT core(Arduino-style development environment.

It’s a beginner-friendly rapid prototyping tool expandable with up to four click boards.



mikromedia for PIC32

The MikroMedia for PIC32 is a compact development system loaded with on-board peripherals for all-round multimedia development on a 32-bit PIC32MX460F512L microcontroller. Capable of being used for both development or as a final product, it comes with integrated modules such as stereo MP3 codec, TFT 320x240 touch screen display, accelerometer, USB connector, audio connector, MMC/SD card slot, 8 Mbit flash memory, 2x26 connection pads and many others. The VS1053 stereo MP3 codecs capable of decoding MP3/WMA/AAC/eAAC+/Ogg Vorbis/WAV files from a MMC card. Pre-programmed with the fast USB Bootloader, the microcontroller does not need any external programmer for development. The compact pocket-fit size makes the MikroMedia for PIC32 an excellent choice for mobile applications. With a simple press, the reset button on board enable user to reset the circuit. It also contains a microSD card slot to support use of microSD cards in the projects.



mikromedia Plus for PIC32MX7

MikroMedia Plus for PIC32MX7 platform with PIC32MX795F512L device. Large 4.3" 480x272px TFT Colour Display with Touch Screen and Stereo MP3 Codec chip with great performance give you true power to build GUI-centric embedded applications.

This board can be used for both development or as a final product.



MINI-32 Board

The MINI-32 is a small development board containing PIC32MX534F064H microcontroller. It operates on 3.3V power supply. An on-board voltage regulator allows the board to be powered directly from USB cable. Comes preprogrammed with USB bootloader.



MINI-32 for PIC32MZ

MINI-32 for PIC32MZ is a small PIC32 development board containing the PIC32MZ microcontroller (1 MB Live-Update Flash and 512 KB SRAM) with FPU from Microchip.
This compact and powerful development board is designed to work as a standalone device or as an MCU card in DIP40 socket.