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  • Adapter Click Board™

    Adapter Click Board™ is a breakout board to add MikroBUS to IDC10 adapter to the user design. This accessory board is intended to easily connect IDC10 headers to the seventh generation development boards with MikroBUS sockets. It also has 2x5 connection pads that are compatible with MikroElektronika's IDC10 modules. Adapter Click Board™ features two ways of establishing connection: using male or female IDC10 connectors, or using IDC10 flat cable and soldering it either on the top, or the bottom side. However, in some cases, female header socket is a better choice, depending on user and design convenience. Adapter Click Board™ has two jumpers: one for SPI/I2C selection and another one for selection of power supply range. Adapter Click Board™ is designed to use a 3.3V or 5V power supply. Adapter Click Board™ communicates using MikroBUS.

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  • XPRO-Adapter Click Board™

    The XPRO-Adapter Click Board™ is an adapter board for connecting Microchip Xplaned Pro expansion boards with hundreds of mikroBUS based host boards. The Xplaned Pro expansion header is standardized 20 pin connector which is allowing connection of many Microchip/exAtmel expansion boards. This click also has duplicated Xplaned Pro and mikroBUS headers if reconfiguring is needed for individual boards or pinouts. By using XPRO-Adapter Click you can now use Microchip add-on boards on mikroBUS without additional wiring.

    For more information about Microchips Xplained PRO evaluation platform and compatibility with our Click board, please visit their official Xplained Boards page.

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