Three Phase AC Motor Click Boards™

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  • Brushless 7 Click Board™

    The Brushless 7 Click Board™ is, as its name said, a motor driver based expansion board for controlling BLCD motors with any microcontroller. The board is based on TC78B009FTG IC from Toshiba, which is a three-phase BLDC motor controller that does not require Hall sensors. 

    Some of the main features are a built-in closed loop speed control function that regulates and maintains the motor rotational speed under dynamic power fluctuations and load variations. With precise setting of a speed profile done by the built-in nonvolatile memory (NVM) it eliminates the need for an external MCU for closed loop speed control and makes it perfect solution for applications that include high-speed fans used in servers, blowers, cordless vacuum cleaners, and robot vacuum cleaners.

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  • STSPIN233 Click Board™

    The STSPIN233 Click Board™ is a complete solution for a 3-phase integrated motor driver, based on the STSPIN233, Low voltage 3-phase integrated motor driver. It is optimized for battery-powered, low voltage motor driving applications, featuring the lowest standby current available on the market (max 80 nA). 

    The STSPIN233 is a high-efficiency motor driver, featuring low ON resistance MOSFETs as the output stage, and extremely low leakage current (max 1µA). Its output stage implements the PWM current control with fixed OFF time, along with a full set of protection features. The device can be used with the step motor voltage ranging from 1.8V to 10V, and current up to 1.3A per bridge.

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