Opto-Isolated Click Boards™

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  • Opto 3 Click Board™

    The Opto 3 Click Board™ is  equipped with two pairs of optically isolated solid-state relays (SSR). One pair of SSRs is used to provide a reinforced galvanic isolation for the external signals used to drive the microcontroller (MCU) pins, while the other pair of SSRs is used to allow the host MCU to drive some external equipment, allowing up to 40V between the SSR contacts in OFF state, and currents up to 2A while in ON state, thanks to a very low ON-state resistance. Opto 3 Click Board™ to be used in applications that require reinforced galvanic isolation for both their input and output stages.

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  • Opto 4 Click Board™

    The Opto 4 Click Board™ is a galvanically isolated power switch, which uses a power MOSFET in combination with an optocoupler. The power MOSFET can withstand significant current due to its low ON resistance, allowing this Click Board™ to be used with different kinds of power demanding applications. In addition, this Click Board™ is equipped with the voltage limiting circuit, which cuts off the power supply when the voltage of the externally connected power supply suddenly drops. The galvanic isolation of the optocoupler offers protection of the controller circuit, thus preventing power surges from the controlled circuit.

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  • RS232 Isolator Click Board™

    The RS232 Isolator Click Board™ is a fully isolated dual transceiver Click Board™, used to provide secure and easy UART to RS232 conversion, with the galvanic isolation. The digital input and output signals are transmitted across the isolation barrier by utilizing the Analog Devices proprietary iCoupler' technology - IC scale transformer windings couple the digital signals magnetically, from one side of the barrier to the other, providing the galvanic isolation and transfer rates up to 460Kbps.

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