Microchip CEC1xxx Development Boards

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  • Clicker Board 2 for CEC1702

    The Clicker Board™ for CEC1702 is a compact development board with two MikroBUS sockets for Click Board™ connectivity. With more than 355 Click Boards™ so far, you can combine different functionalities and create without limitations. The board carries the CEC1702, a 32-bit ARM Cortex -M4 Processor Core, with strong cryptographic support.

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  • Clicker Board™ for CEC1302

    The CEC1302 Clicker Board™ is an amazingly compact starter development kit which brings Click Board™ connectivity to the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 CEC1302 microcontroller with an integrated cryptographic engine. Board features all you need to get started: 32-bit CEC1302 microcontroller, USB-UART connector, two LEDs and push buttons, reset button and headers for interfacing with external electronics.

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  • Clicker Board™ for CEC1702

    The CEC1702 Clicker Board™ is a compact development board with a MikroBUS socket for Click Board™ connectivity and Microchip's CEC1702 - a 32-bit ARM Cortex -M4 Processor Core, with strong cryptographic support.

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  • Fusion for ARM v8 with CEC1302

    The Brand New Fusion v8 development board has been designed to create hardware and software for ARM Cortex based MCUs from a wide range of manufacturers. This development board is supplied with a Microchip CEC1302 MCU board.

    Now you can remotely debug or program your application from anywhere! Your development board can be located in a hazardous area, the other side of the world, in an inaccessible place, such as within agricultural machinery or even inside a a boiler room or freezer. It really doesn't matter where!

    Furthermore, you can power the board with a battery in a remote location with no mains power.

    Just imagine being able to provide technical support to your customer directly, wherever they are'

    You must take a look at this revolutionary new development platform..

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  • MCU Card for Microchip CEC1302

    The MCU Card for CEC1302 is a standardised add-on board, which allows very simple installation and replacement of the microcontroller unit (MCU) on a development board equipped with the MCU Card socket. By introducing the new MCU Card standard, we have ensured the absolute compatibility between the development board and any of the supported MCUs, regardless of their pin number and compatibility.

    MCU Cards are equipped with two 168-pin mezzanine connectors, allowing them to support even MCUs with extremely high pin count. Their clever design allows very simple usage, following the well-established plug & play concept of the Click Board™ line of product.

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