TI MSP432 Development Boards

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  • MCU Card for MSP432 MSP432P401R

    MCU Card is a standardised add-on for the Fusion v8 development board, which allows very simple installation and replacement of the microcontroller unit (MCU) via the MCU Card socket. By introducing the new MCU Card standard, we have ensured the absolute compatibility between the development board and any of the supported MCUs, regardless of their pin number and compatibility. MCU Cards are equipped with two 168-pin mezzanine connectors, allowing them to support even MCUs with extremely high pin count. Their clever design allows very simple usage, following the well-established plug & play concept of the Click Board™ line of product.

    This MCU card is fitted with a TI MSP432 with MSP432P401R.

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  • MINI-M4 for MSP432

    The MINI-M4 for MSP432 is a small ARM Cortex-M4 development board containing MSP432P401RIRGC microcontroller. This compact and powerful development board is designed to work as a standalone device or as an MCU card in DIP40 socket.

    MINI-M4 for MSP432 operates on a 3.3V power supply. The on-board voltage regulator allows the board to be powered directly from USB cable.

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