Storage Interface Boards

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  • MMC/SD Card Proto Board

    The MMC/SD Card PROTO Board enables your prototype board to be connected to Multi Media and Secure Digital Cards. There is an MMC/SD card socket provided on the board used for placing these cards.

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  • SerialFlash Board

    The SerialFlash Board is an add-on board featuring an EN25F80, 8-Mbit (1024-byte), low-voltage Serial Flash Memory with advanced write protection mechanisms accessed by a high-speed SPI-compatible bus. Various electronic devices and applications use serial-interface memory. Initially, it is used to store preference data and configuration/setup data. Known to be one of the most flexible non-volatile memory modules used today, the Serial memory modules are rated way better than other NVM solutions. The EN25F80 memory module offers a lower pin count, smaller package, lower voltage, and lower power consumption.

    The on-board LED indicator denotes the power status of the board. DIP switch allows for selection of communication lines and set which pins are used for MISO/MOSI/SCK. The Serial Flash Board is designed to operate using both 3.3V and 5V power supply.

    The Serial Flash Board, with such features, makes an ideal choice for multimedia devices, drives, optical and printing devices.

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  • SerialRAM Proto Board

    The SerialRAM PROTO Board enables you to add a Serial RAM device to your prototype device. A 23K640 Serial RAM device is available on-board and communicates with microcontrollers via a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).

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