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Gas Pressure Sensor Click Boards

Gas Pressure Sensor Click Boards


10DOF Click Board

The 10DOF Click Board is a mikroBUS add-on board for enhancing hardware prototypes with 10DOF functionality (10 degrees of freedom). The click board carries two modules from Bosch: BNO055, a 9-axis absolute orientation sensor and BMP180, a digital pressure sensor.




Altitude 2 Click Board

The Altitude 2 Click Board is a high-resolution barometric pressure sensor board. It provides very accurate measurements of temperature and atmospheric pressure, which can be used to calculate the altitude with a very high resolution of 20cm per step. Besides that, the device also includes features such as the ultra-low noise delta-sigma 24bit ADC, low power consumption, fast conversion times, pre-programmed unique compensation values, and more. Low count of external components requirement, along with the simple interface which requires no extensive configuration programming, makes this sensor very attractive for building altitude or air pressure measuring applications.



Altitude 3 Click Board

Altitude 3 click allows high-resolution barometric pressure measurement, by utilizing the ICP-10100, an integrated barometric pressure and temperature sensor. Based on the advanced MEMS capacitive sensing technology, it offers an industry-level accuracy and thermal stability. A very high absolute pressure accuracy up to ±1 Pa allows Altitude 3 click to sense very small altitude changes, within the magnitude of about 10 cm. The temperature sensor offers accuracy up to ±0.4°C, in the range from -40°C to 85°C. Low power requirements make it a perfect choice for various battery-operated applications



Altitude Click Board

The Altitude Click Board from MikroE is an accessory board that enables the user to precisely measure altitude with 30cm resolution. The board employs a compact MPL3115A2 piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor that works with an embedded high-resolution 24-bit ADC to provide accurate pressure (Pascals)/altitude (metres) and temperature (??C) measurement. It features a wide operating range of 20 kPa to 110 kPa absolute pressure.




The Barometer Click Board from MikroE is a high precision measurement add-on board that features the LPS25HB IC. The LPS25HB chip is a highly sensitive piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor that is capable of detecting as little as 0.01 hPa RMS in high resolution mode. The measurement range is from 260 to 1260 hPa with a 24-bit digital output. Barometer click can use either MikroBUS SPI or I2C communication interface, which is specified by soldering on-board jumpers in appropriate position. It also has a multifunctional interrupt pin that can be configured in either of the two ways: as Data Ready or as threshold trigger. Barometer click is designed to use a 3.3V power supply only.

This board is highly suitable for adding barometer or altimeter functionality to any design, for example, altitude measurement for wearables, weather station equipment, enhancing GPS functionality, etc.



Diff pressure Click Board

The Diff Pressure Click Board carries NXP??s MPXV5010DP signal conditioned, temperature compensated and calibrated pressure sensor with two axial ports to accommodate industrial grade tubing. The click is designed to run either on 3.3V or 5V power supply. It communicates with the target microcontroller over SPI interface (CS, SCK, MISO).



Pressure 11 Click Board

Pressure 11 Click is a digital barometer on a Click board™. Pressure 11 is equipped with the LPS33HW, an absolute piezoresistive pressure sensor, manufactured using a proprietary technology. This sensor offers many benefits, including low power consumption, high resolution of the pressure data, embedded thermal compensation, FIFO buffer with several operating modes, temperature measurement, etc. The most distinctive feature of this sensor is its ability to measure the pressure within the wide range between 260 - 1260hPa, offering calibrated readings over the SPI or I2C digital interface.

Pressure 11 Click is supported by a mikroSDK compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development. This Click board™ comes as a fully tested product, ready to be used on a system equipped with the mikroBUS™ socket.



Pressure 2 Click Board

The Pressure 2 Click Board carries MS5803, a high resolution MEMS pressure sensor that is both precise and robust. Its measurement range is from 0 to 14 bars.



Pressure 3 Click Board

Pressure 3 click is a mikroBUS add-on board that carries an Infineon DPS310 digital barometric pressure sensor. It has an operating range from 300 to 1200 hPa with a relative accuracy of 0.06 hPa and absolute accuracy of 1 hPa.



Pressure 4 Click Board

The Pressure 4 Click Board is an absolute barometric pressure measurement board, which features a low power consumption, high precision barometric pressure sensor. Capable of using both SPI and I2C communication protocols, Pressure 4 click allows being interfaced with a broad range of various microcontroller units (MCUs). The sensor used on this Click board features onboard processing capabilities, such as the IIR filtering, used to filter out abrupt changes of pressure. Low power consumption allows Pressure 4 click to be used in many portable, battery-powered applications. Besides the pressure, it can also measure the ambient temperature, which can be used for the compensation calculations.



Pressure 6 Click Board

Pressure 6 Click features a simple, yet highly accurate and reliable pressure sensor labeled as BM1386GLV, produced by ROHM. This sensor is a piezo-resistive pressure sensor with internal thermal compensation, which greatly simplifies the pressure reading. Pressure 6 click allows readings in the range from 300hPa up to 1300hPa, with the accuracy of ±0.12hPa. The Click board™ comes as a fully tested and approved prototype, making it a reliable device ready to use on the development board. The full package also includes the mikroSDK™ software and a library with all the functions.

The click is perfect to use for developing the industry-related applications, as well as in the healthcare applications, mobile devices, smartphone apps, and similar.



Pressure 7 Click Board

Pressure 7 click features an integrated digital barometric pressure and temperature sensor labeled as MS5837. This sensor relies on the advanced MEMS technology by MEAS Switzerland, a well-known high-volume MEMS manufacturer. It is a high-resolution pressure sensor, with offers 24-bit pressure and thermal data over the I2C interface. Each sensor is factory calibrated, with the compensation parameters stored within its internal PROM memory. A hermetically sealed stainless-steel body filled with the protective gel ensures high reliability and mechanical endurance of the sensor. A high-speed conversion, long-term stability, high resolution, low count of external components required, and a wide range of MCUs that can it can be interfaced with, make for just some of the benefits of the Pressure 7 click.

It comes in the package which also includes the mikroSDK™ software and a library with all the functions. The Click board™ comes as a fully tested and approved prototype, making it a reliable device ready to use on the development board.