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Haptic Click Board

Haptic Click Board


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Bring tactile feedback back to your hardware design with the Haptic Click Board™, featuring the DRV2605 IC, a driver for ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass) and LRA (Linear Resonant Actuator) vibration motors. The DRV2605 module incorporates an extensive library with over 100 licensed haptic effects. These consist of audio-to-vibe feature, where the motor vibrates in tune with the lower frequency range of an audio input. A 3.5mm audio jack is also integrated into the board to use this functionality. The board also has screw terminals for secure connection to the ERM and LRA motors. Haptic Click Board™ communicates with the target microcontroller using the MikroBUS I2C (SCL, SDA), EN (in place of CS) and PWM pins. It uses a 3.3V or 5V power supply. The extensive range of effects also implies that the resources of the host MCU aren.

  • Based on the Haptic driver IC DRV2605
  • Suitable for ERM and LRA vibration motors
  • Integrates library with over 100 haptic effects
  • Includes licensed TouchSense 2200 effects from Immersion
  • Supported by all mikroElektronika compilers
  • Screw terminals for connecting the motors
  • Audio jack for audio-to-vibe effects
  • Uses a 3.3V or 5V power supply
  • I2C controlled digital playback engine
  • Smart-loop architecture
  • Efficient output drive
  • Several jumpers for hardware configuration

Product Details

IC/Module: DRV2605 Haptic Driver

DRV2605 is an extremely-flexible haptic driver for LRA and ERM motors over a shared I2C compatible bus. It relieves the host processor from pulse-width modulated (PWM) drive signals, saving both costly timer interrupts and hardware pins. With an extensive integrated library over 100 licensed effects, it offers a licensed version of the TouchSense 2200 software from Immersion. It features a real-time playback mode via I2C.


Smart-Loop Architecture

With smart-loop architecture, Haptic Click allows effortless auto resonant drive for LRD and feedback-optimized ERM drive. This feedback provides automatic overdrive and braking, which creates a simplified input paradigm as well as dependable motor control and steady motor performance.

SMD Jumpers

Haptic Click can be used either with a 3.3V or 5V power supply. A zero-ohm SMD jumper allows user to switch between the two. Another pair of jumpers (R4 and R5) is designed to enable the user to choose from the left and right audio channels. It is soldered to R5 for right channel, by default. The PWM trigger will be disabled in case the PWM SEL jumper is unsoldered.

Haptic Click Board User Manual Haptic Click Board User Manual (946 KB)
MikroBus Specification MikroBus Specification (1365 KB)
  • Haptic Click Board (1)
  • 1x8 male headers (2)
  • Printed User Manual and Board Schematic (1)