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LAP-C(16032) 16-ch, 32Kbit/ch Logic/Protocol Analyser

LAP-C(16032) 16-ch, 32Kbit/ch Logic/Protocol Analyser

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The ZeroPlus Logic Analyser LAP-C(16032) is a beautifully designed, fully featured 16-channel, 100MHz logic analyser at an amazing price. It is fitted with a 32Kbits per channel capture buffer.

The analyser is also capable of decoding of over 100 additional protocols as standard.

  • 16-channel logic analyser - enough channels to suit most requirements.
  • Large 512Kbit capture buffer (32Kbits per-channel). Use with filter functionality to capture even more essential data.
  • Fast Internal clock (timing mode): 100Hz to 100MHz. Fast enough to capture most digital signals
  • Over 100 protocol decoders included free of charge (see PROT-xxx)
  • 16-channel trigger function based on edge or pattern
  • Single Trigger level. Trigger counter
  • Input Threshold: variable from -6V to +6V
  • External clock (state mode): to 75MHz
  • ZeroPlus patented data compression technology maximises capture memory space
  • Fast USB 2.0 Interface
  • Compatible with Win10, Win8, Win7, Win Vista, Win XP and Win 2000

Product Details

Extremely compact and lightweight, the ZeroPlus-LAP-C(16032) logic analyser connects to and is powered by the USB port of any desktop or ZeroPlus-Laptop PC making it very portable and ideal for use in the field. The ZeroPlus-LAP-C(16032) provides sampling rates up to 100MHz and 32Kbits memory depth per channel.

Patented Compression Technology

Furthermore ZeroPlus's patented compression techniques allow up to 8Mbits memory depth per channel as well as output signals allowing synchronisation with other Test equipment such as oscilloscopes.

Protocol Analysis Feature

Over 100 different protocols can be analysed by the LAP-C logic analyser: .

  • 1-Wire (Adv) Interface
  • 1-Wire Interface
  • 3-Wire Interface
  • 7-segment LED Interface
  • AC97 Interface
  • AES/EBU Interface
  • AMD SVI2 Interface
  • Arithmetic Logic
  • BDM Interface
  • BMS Interface
  • CAN 2.0B Bus
  • CCIR656 Interface
  • CMOS Image Sensor Interface
  • Compact Flash 4.1 Interface
  • DALI Interface
  • Differential Manchester Interface
  • Digital Logic
  • DMX512 Interface
  • DP Aux Channel 1.1 Interface
  • DSA Interface
  • DSI Bus
  • FlexRay 2.1A Bus
  • FWH Interface
  • GPIB/IEEE488 Interface
  • HART Interface
  • HDMI CEC Interface
  • HDQ Interface
  • HPI Interface
  • I2C EEPROM 24L Memory Interface
  • I2C EEPROM 24LCS Memory Interface
  • I2C Interface
  • I2S Interface
  • ISO7816 UART Interface
  • J-K Flip-flop
  • JTAG 2.0 Interface
  • KeeLoq Code Hopping Interface
  • KNX Interface
  • LCD12864 Display Interface
  • LCD1602 Display Interface
  • LED Pitch Array Interface
  • LG4572 Interface
  • LIN Bus 2.1
  • Line Code
  • LPT Interface
  • Manchester Encoding
  • Maxim DS1302 Interface
  • Maxim DS18B20 Interface
  • MDDI Interface
  • MHL-CBus
  • Microwire Bus
  • Microwire EEPROM 93C
  • MIDI Interface
  • MII Interface
  • Miller Interface
  • MIPI CSI-2 Interface
  • MIPI DSI Interface
  • ModBus
  • Modified Miller Interface
  • Modified SPI Interface
  • MVB
  • NEC PD6122 Interface
  • Opentherm 2.2 Interface
  • PCM Interface
  • PECI Interface
  • Philips RC5 Interface
  • Philips RC6 Interface
  • ProfiBus
  • PS/2 Interface
  • PSB Interface
  • PT2262/PT2272 Interface
  • Quad SPI Interface
  • RGB Interface
  • S/PDIF Interface
  • S2Cwire/AS2Cwire Interface
  • Samsung K9 NAND Flash Interface
  • SCCB Interface
  • SDQ Interface
  • Serial GPIO IBPI Interface
  • SHT11 Interface
  • Signia 6210 Interface
  • Single Wire Debug (SWD) Interface
  • SITI DM114/DM115 Interface
  • SLE4442 Interface
  • SMBus 2.0
  • SPI (Atmel 25F EEPROM)
  • SPI Interface
  • SPI Plus Interface
  • SSI Interface
  • ST7669 Interface
  • STBus
  • SVID Interface
  • UART (RS-232C/RS-422/RS-485) Interface
  • UNI/O Interface
  • Up/Down Counter
  • USB v1.1 Interface
  • WIEGAND Interface
  • WTB Bus
  • WWV-WWVH-WWVB Interface
  • YK-5 Interface

Test Probes

Two Test probes are included with the basic analyser to keep the cost as low as possible. Additional hooks are available as an option.

Carrying Case

Please note that the ZeroPlus LAP-C(16032) does not include a carrying case as standard to keep the cost as low as possible. A customised zipped carrying case is available as an option.

USB v1 Breakout Board

The optional USB bridge is fitted with a USB plus and socket to be inserted inline with the USB cable. It is fitted with header pins to connect to the Logic Cube. This is very convenient for analysing a USB v1 interface.

ZeroPlus Logic Analysers - Basic Operation

This video will give you an overview of how to use ZeroPlus Logic Analysers including setup of signal triggering.

Multiple Bus Analysis (I2C, SPI and UART) using ZeroPlus Bus Analysers

Using ZeroPlus Logic Analysers to monitor the I2C Bus

ZeroPlus LogicCube (LAP-C) Data Sheet ZeroPlus LogicCube (LAP-C) Data Sheet (0 KB)
ZeroPlus LogicCube (LAP-C) Users Manual ZeroPlus LogicCube (LAP-C) Users Manual (9.86 MB)
ZeroPlus LogicCube (LAP-C) Application Software ZeroPlus LogicCube (LAP-C) Application Software (69.86 MB)
  • LAP-C(16032) Logic Cube Analyser (1)
  • 25cm 8-channel signal cables (2)
  • 25cm 2-channel signal cable (1)
  • 25cm single-channel signal cable (1)
  • Test Hooks (2) (additional set of 20 hooks available as an option)
  • USB Cable (1)
  • CD-ROM containing application software, drivers and documentation

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