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LE-580FX LAN Analyser

LE-580FX LAN Analyser


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The Lineeye LE-580FX is an Ethernet analyser/ packet tester with a USB 2.0 interface.

  • Captures 10/100BaseT full-duplex data
  • Checks and analyses traffic
  • Provides statistical data such as error rate
  • Generates LAN test packets
  • Measures quality of service (QoS) factors such as latency, packet loss and throughput
  • Powered by USB interface
  • Software API available for direct interfacing

Product Details

The Lineeye LE-580FX LAN analyser connects to the PC USB 2.0 port. With TAP mode, you can capture full duplex data on 10/ 100Base-TX and transmited to the PC via USB2.0 (480Mbps). .

With PG mode, you can generate Test packets max. at 100Mbps line rate. Capture 10/100Mpbs LAN Packets via USBTAP mode captures 10/100Mbps full-duplex data on PortA/ PortB, and transmits to PC via USB2.0 port. Captured data can be displayed on the PC.

Filter-out Unwanted Packets

LE-580FX is not only able to capture all frames but also filter the specific packets. Filtering conditions can be set by MAC/IP address, protocols (ARP/IP/ICMP/IGMP/TCP/UDP/use defined), and specifying IP address/port/packet size etc.

Export to Excel

The captured data with time stamp information can be exported to Microsoft Excel format. .

Visualise Traffic

You can evaluate the amount of traffic visually. For each lines, there are 3 bar graph indicators of packet, utilization ratio and error count.

LAN Analysis Software

Captured data can be used with LAN analysis software, Ethereal / Wire shark. LE-580FX works as network adaptor. Able to control LE-580FX by using Ethereal / Wireshark.

Generate Test Packets

PG mode generates Test packets at your specified transmitting speed. Tell you the processing ability of the network devices and how they work at the high traffic. Test packets are generated in the FPGA, so it will not be affected by the performance of PC. The user can define 2~7 layer of data frames up to 128, and transmit them continuously or selected times. Add errors (CRC etc.) and VLAN/MPLS tags. Captured packets can be used as transmitting packets. .

Hardware Counter For Statistics

Calculate statistical information in the FPGA to know the quality of network. Display the results in trend charts and graphs for each port. LE-580FX does not only calculate numbers of data, but also calculate by each error, packet size, collision type and filtering. .

QoS Testing

Able to have the network Qos Test by transmitting Test data from PortA(B) to PortB(A). Test packet lines can be set up to 8, includes VLAN VID (0-4095) and CoS (0-7) Parameter. QoS Test tells you the packet loss and latency etc.

Lineeye LE-580FX LAN Analyser Users Manual (v9) Lineeye LE-580FX LAN Analyser Users Manual (v9) (2373 KB)
Lineeye LE-580FX Network Tester for RFC-2544 Users Manual (v1) Lineeye LE-580FX Network Tester for RFC-2544 Users Manual (v1) (3874 KB)
Lineeye LE-580FX LAN Analyser QoS Users Manual (v6) Lineeye LE-580FX LAN Analyser QoS Users Manual (v6) (1354 KB)
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