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LIN Hall Click Board

LIN Hall Click Board


Lin Hall Click Board | mikroE UK
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Introduce a linear Hall sensor to your design with the LIN HALL Click Board™. The board includes a Melexis MLX90242 linear Hall sensor IC along with an MCP3201 12-bit ADC. LIN HALL Click Board™ outputs a signal that is linearly proportional to the flux density of a magnetic field it is exposed to. A north pole magnet field will increase the output, while a south pole field decreases it. Using the MikroBUS SPI lines (CS,.

SCK, MISO), LIN HALL Click Board™ communicates with the target board microcontroller. It uses either a 3.3V or 5V power supply (default is 3.3V).

The linear Hall sensors are used to infer the linear or rotary position of a target object, provided there is a magnet attached, or something to disturb an existing magnetic field. It is an ideal choice to measure strength of different magnets or measure distance of a magnet from the sensor.

  • Based on the MLX90242 IC
  • Linear output proportional to magnetic flux density
  • Built-in active error-correction circuitry
  • Can be used on either 3.3V or 5V systems
  • Onboard 12-bit ADC
  • Low quiescent voltage thermal drift
  • Ratiometric output for A/D Interface
  • Supported by all mikroElektronika compilers

Product Details

IC/Module: MLX90242 Linear Hall Sensor IC

Melexis' MLX90242 is a CMOS linear Hall Effect sensor IC with integrated active error correction circuitry that virtually eliminates the offset errors normally associated with analog hall-effect devices.

Output Proportional to Density of the Magnetic Flux

Lin Hall Click offers an output proportional to the density of the magnetic flux to which it is exposed. The output signal increases when a north magnetic field is applied, while a south magnetic field decreases the output signal.

SMD Jumpers

Lin Hall Click is designed to use either a 3.3V or a 5V power supply, selectable through two solder jumpers. By default, the two jumpers are soldered in 3.3V position.

Lin Hall Click Board User Manual Lin Hall Click Board User Manual (1023 KB)
MikroBus Specification MikroBus Specification (1365 KB)
  • Lin Hall Click Board (1)
  • 1x8 male headers (2)
  • Printed User Manual and Board Schematic (1)