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M3500A 6.5 Digit Bench Multimeter

M3500A 6.5 Digit Bench Multimeter

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The M3500A from PicoTest is a 6.5 digit digital multimeter designed with techniques of 7.5 digits. This helps in providing fast, accurate and stable measurements. This multimeter has an ultra-fast update rate of 2000 readings per second and features 19 function measurements. The multimeter is compatible with J, K, T, E, N, S and R type thermocouples, making it a versatile unit for temperature measurement..

  • 6½ digit DMM designed with 7½ digit techniques
  • 2000 readings per second update rate
  • 19 full featured functions including frequency measurement
  • Temperature measurement supporting J, K, T, E, N, S and R thermocouple types
  • Multi-point scanning up to 10-channels
  • Dual Displays with three colour annunciators
  • Built-in USB Interface
  • Optional GPIB Control Interface
  • Free control software included

Product Details

Supports USBTMC

The M3500A multimeter unit supports USBTMC (USB Test & Management Class). All USB devices conform to USBTMC irrespective of the environment or operating system. These devices can communicate with a computer and can work under VISA assistance. Users do not have to spend money on expensive GPIB module as the control procedures for VISA to USBTMC and VISA to GPIB are the same.

Stability, Speed and Accuracy

Using 7.5 digit techniques for 6.5 digit digital multimeter provides a fast, accurate and table measurement from this unit.

19 Full-Featured Functions

The M3500A unit features 11 measurements and 8 mathematical functions that include DCI, DCV, ACV, ACI, 2Wohm, 4Wohm, Frequency, Diode Test, Period, Continuity, Temperature, Ratio, Limits, %, MX+B, dB, dBm, Min/Max, and Null. In addition to these, trigger and memory functions are also included to aid better measurement.

Temperature Measurements

The M3500A unit supports thermal measurements from thermocouples and RTDs. It supports J, K, T, E, N, S and R type thermocouples. ITS-90, IEC751 and Callendar-Van Dusen standards are applied for RTDs temperature conversions.


Multi-Point Scan

The M3500A unit supports 2-pole multi-point scanner cards like OPT01, OPT09, and OPT12. For general purpose measurements like DCV/ACV/Indirect DCI & ACI with Current Shunt/2W/4W/Freq/Period, OPT01(10-ch)/OPT09 (20-ch) scanner cards are used. Whereas, the OPT12 (10-ch) scanner card provides measurements for thermocouples RTDs apart from all the function supported by OPT01/OPT09 cards.

Dual Displays with 3-Colour Annunciators

The dual VFD displays with 5x7 dot-matrix and three-colour annunciators helps users in easily distinguishing between each colour coded symbols.

Noise Immunity

The multi-slope analog to digital converter helps the multimeter to attain fast sampling rates, remove most of the noise and maintain linearity of measurements. Four sets of earth ground on the front panel and usage of copper conductors help in eliminating environmental background noise and reduce thermal EMFs.

Built-in USB Interface

The USB port provided in the M3500A unit makes it easy to use. It delivers a high data-transfer rate of 2000 reading per second and helps the multimeter to reach fast sampling and I/O data rates.

Free Remote-Control Software

PT-TOOL & PT-LINK are remote control software supplied with the M3500A unit. These easy to use software are provided for free and help in better understanding and functioning of the multimeter.

Picotest M35XX Series Bench Multimeter Data Sheet Picotest M35XX Series Bench Multimeter Data Sheet (2362 KB)
Picotest M3500 Bench Multimeter Users Manual Picotest M3500 Bench Multimeter Users Manual (0 KB)
Picotest M3500 Bench Multimeter LabVIEW Driver Software Picotest M3500 Bench Multimeter LabVIEW Driver Software (456 KB)
  • PicoTest M3500A Digital Multimeter (1)
  • Test Leads (1)
  • USB Cable (1)
  • Power Cable (1)
  • CD-ROM with User Manual and Application Software (1)

M3500-Opt01 Multipoint Scanner Card



M3500-Opt02 Thermocouple Adapter



M3500-Opt03 BNC to 4mm Adapter



M3500-Opt04 GPIB Interface



M3500-Opt05 RTD Probe Adapter



M3500-Opt06 RS-232C Interface



M3500-Opt07 Kelvin Probes



M3500-Opt08 4-Wire Test Probe Set



M3500-Opt09 Multipoint Scanner Card



M3500-Opt10 Shorting Plug



M3500-Opt11 Type K Thermocouple



M3500-Opt12 Thermocouple Scanner Card