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Maynuo Electronic Co Ltd

Maynuo Electronic Co Ltd

Maynuo Electronic Co.,Ltd a professional R & D and manufacturer of electronic test equipment, based in Nanjing, China.

Maynuo manufactures:

  • Programmable AC and DC electronic loads from 150W to 200KW
  • Programmable LED Bank Load Simulators
  • Programmable DC power supplies from 150W to 600W

These instruments have been designed with accuracy in mind, specifically for testing high-performance mobile phone test equipment and facilities, as well as electrical, electronic, aerospace, military, chemical, automotive, battery charger, battery, solar cell production lines for applications in the automated testing field.


M-131 RS-232C Adapter

The M-131 is a RS-232 convertor for use with Maynuo electronic loads and programmable power supplies.



M-132 RS-485 Adapter

The M-132 is a RS-485 convertor for use with Maynuo electronic loads and programmable power supplies.



M-133 USB Adapter

The M-133 is a USB convertor for use with Maynuo electronic loads and programmable power supplies.



M8811 Programmable 0-30V, 0-5A Power Supply

The Maynuo M8811 is a 150W, 0-30V, 0-5A Programmable power supply.



M8812 Programmable 0-75V, 0-2A Power Supply

The Maynuo M8812 is a 150W, 0-75V, 0-2A Programmable power supply.



M8813 Programmable 0-150V, 0-1A Power Supply

The Maynuo M8813 is a 150W, 0-150V, 0-1A Programmable power supply.



M8851 Programmable 0-6V, 0-60A Power Supply

The Maynuo M8851 is a 150W, 0-6V, 0-60A Programmable power supply.



M8852 Programmable 0-30V, 0-20A Power Supply

The Maynuo M8852 is a 600W, 0-30V, 0-20A Programmable power supply.



M8853 Programmable 0-75V, 0-8A Power Supply

The Maynuo M8853 is a 600W, 0-75V, 0-8A Programmable power supply.



M8871 Programmable 0-15V, 0-60A Power Supply

The Maynuo M8871 is a 900W, 0-15V, 0-60A Programmable power supply.



M8872 Programmable 0-30V, 0-35A Power Supply

The Maynuo M8872 is a 1050W, 0-30V, 0-35A Programmable power supply.



M8873 Programmable 0-75V, 0-15A Power Supply

The Maynuo M8873 is a 1125W, 0-75V, 0-15A Programmable power supply.



£2,700.00 (save 2%)