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Microchip PIC

Microchip PIC


16F877A PIC Prototyping Board

16F877A Prototyping Board from CCS.



DSP PIC Development Kit

The CCS DSP PIC Starter Development Kit contains everything you need to begin development with Microchip's 5V dsPIC



EasyPIC PRO v7 Development System

The EasyPIC PRO v7 is a full-featured development board for high pin-count 8-bit PIC? microcontrollers. It contains many on-board modules necessary for development variety of applications, including graphics, Ethernet, USB, data logging and other.



EasyPIC PRO v7 MCUcard with PIC18F87J50

PIC18F87J50 microcontroller. Featuring nanoWatt technology, it has up to 10 MIPS operation, 128K bytes of linear program memory, 3936 bytes of linear data memory, and lot of internal modules.



EasyPIC v7 Development Board

The EasyPIC v7 is top selling PIC Development Board for 370+ Microchip PIC MCUs in DIP packaging.

It features USB 2.0 programmer/debugger and over 17 essential modules necessary in development. Board comes with PIC18F45K22.




EduKit84 PIC16F84A Evaluation Board (was GBP85.80)

The ASIX EduKit84 is based on the PIC16F84A.




EduKitBeta (was GBP81.40)

The ASIX EduKitBeta is an feature rich educational board dedicated as an option to MU Beta emulator.




MC1602 LCD (was £31.90)

The ASIX MC1602 is an alphanumeric LCD display module designated to be used with the PVK40 development board.



MikroLAB for Microchip PIC

The MikroLab for PIC is a set of essential tools for 8-bit PIC development for low pin-count chips. This essential toolkit includes one of the most popular MikroElektronika



MikroLAB for Microchip PIC L

MikroLab for Microchip PIC L



MikroLAB for Microchip PIC XL

To cater to the needs of 8-bit PIC development, MikroLab for PIC XL is designed as a complete solution for both low-pin and high-pin count chips.

This toolkit is offered with the EasyPIC v7 and EasyPIC PRO v7 development systems to provide support to over 550 PIC microcontrollers. It also comes with a popular compiler from MikroElektronika



PIC-DSP-AN Development Kit

The CCS DSP Analog Development Kit demonstrates the DSP features of the dsPIC33FJ128GP706 on an audio conditioning board.