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100-pin MCU Card with PIC24FJ128GA010

100-pin LV24-33 MCU Cards provide easy connection to the development system through four 2x10 male connectors. The bottom layer of these cards is provided with a ground plane for noise prevention.



Click Board 2 for dsPIC33

The Clicker 2 for dsPIC33 is a compact dsPIC development kit with two MikroBUSsockets for Click Board™ connectivity. It carries a 16-bit dsPIC33EP512MU810 microcontroller from Microchip, with a 70 MIPS dsPIC DSC core.

With a built-in USB-HID bootloader the Clicker 2 for dsPIC33 it easy to program.



Click Board 2 for FT90x

The Clicker 2 for FT90x is a fast and compact development kit powered by FT900, a 32-bit FT32 core microcontroller. Equipped with two MikroBUS sockets, this development board provides for Click Board™ connectivity to quickly build an innumerable gadgets with unique features and functionalities. The microcontroller can be programmed using an external MikroProg for FT90x programmer with MikroProg Suite for FT90x software.

The FT900Q chip comes preprogramed with a fast USB HID bootloader allowing the user to load code into it without demanding for an external programmer. The Click Board™er 2 for FT90x is featured with two rows of pads (26 pins each) and a Li-Polymer battery connector. The board also has a reset button and a pair of buttons and LEDs along with an ON/OFF switch. A 12 MHz crystal oscillator provides a reference frequency output to the clock multiplier PLL. A 32.7 kHz crystal oscillator provides a clock for the internal RTCC. The Click Board™er 2 for FT90x board has a LTC3586, a highly integrated power management and battery charger IC that also aids in battery charging over a USB connection.

The FT90x microcontrollers are equipped with an integrated USB module to implement USB communication functionality to the board.



Click Board 2 for Kinetis

With two mikroBUS sockets on Click Board™er 2, you can take advantage of the huge potential of Click Board™s, the constantly expanding range of over 300 add-on boards. Blend different functionalities together and come up with new and original inventions. That's just two Click Board™s and your project is half-way done. Go ahead and play with a few ideas right away.

Focus on your main idea because Click Board™er 2 will take care of the details for you: your prototype already has a power management system in place. The on-board LTC3586-1 IC will provide 3.3V or 5V to the Click Board™s. It turns the USB port into a battery charger. For convenience, Click Board™er 2 for Kinetis features a reset button and an ON/OFF switch (you can also connect an external ON/OFF switch).



Click Board 2 for PIC18FK

The Clicker 2 for PIC18FK is a compact PIC18 development kit with two MikroBUS sockets for Click Board™ connectivity. It carries an 8-bit PIC18F67K40 microcontroller from Microchip, with a built-in USB-UART bootloader that makes it easy to program.



Click Board 2 for PIC24

Clicker 2 for PIC24 is a compact development kit with two MikroBUS sockets for Click Board™ connectivity. It carries the PIC24FJ1024GB610, a 16-bit microcontroller, that features large dual partition flash with live update capability. With a built-in USB-HID bootloader, the Click Board™er 2 for PIC24 is easy to program.



dsPIC MCU Card 1

dsPIC' Embedded Evaluation Board for 64-pin devices



dsPIC MCU Card 2 empty PCB

dsPIC MCU Card 2 empty PCB.



dsPIC MCU Card 3 empty PCB

dsPIC MCU Card 3 empty PCB.



dsPIC MCU card 4 empty PCB

dsPICMCUcard4 empty PCB.





EasyFT90x v7 MCU Card with FT900 QFN-100

EasyFT90x v7 MCU card with FT900 QFN-100.



EasyMx PRO v7 for STM32 Empty MCU card 100pin TQFP

EasyMx PRO v7 for STM32 Empty MCUcard 100pin TQFP.