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MikroE Power

MikroE Power


3.3V Reg Board

The 3.3VReg Board is a simple power regulator solution that makes it possible for the user to reduce the power supply voltage to 3.3V. This additional power regulator board has been designed to accept an input of 5V power supply only. The 3.3V REG additional board comes fitted with an in-built MC33269DT



3.3V-5V Voltage Regulator Board

The 3.3V-5V Voltage Regulator Board is an accessory board that will come very useful in all those scenarios where the user needs to convert an input of 3.3V to an output of 5V. This additional board has been smartly equipped with a Step-Up Switching Regulator MC34063A, which makes it perfect for a step-up power regulation. This MC34063A switching regulator supports all the primary functions required for DC-to-DC converters and also avoids any possibility of short-circuit. Receiving 3.3V input voltage and converting it into a stable 5V DC output voltage, the 3.3V-5V REG additional board has the ability to deliver around 250mA maximum output current. This 3.3V to 5V power conversion source is provided with CN1 and CN2 screw connectors. While the 3.3V voltage is supplied through the CN1 screw connector, the CN2 screw connector serves as a medium to deliver 5V voltage.



Solar Panel

Add a stable and constant power supply to the device using the Solar Panel. Designed for reliable functioning of your device, this alternative powering solution is based on the photoelectric effect to produce electricity when exposed to sunlight. Encapsulated with PC film lamination, it contains monocrystalline silicon solar cells.

The Solar Panel board is an ideal choice to provide an autonomous power supply to your device. This sunlight-based power solution aids in building solar-powered vehicles, robots, or solar chargers easily. Measuring 70 '.




The UNI-REG Board contains an on-board LM2576, a simple switcher step-down voltage regulator. This monolithic IC is designed to provide all active functions for a step-down (buck) switching regulator that drives various loads (up to 3A) with an exceptional line and load regulation.

The UNI-REG Board is ideally suited for any embedded project that requires a power source conversion, i.e., from higher to lower AC (DC) voltages. The unit takes 7-23V AC (or 9-32V DC) as input voltage and offers a steady and stable 5V, 4V, 3.3V, 2.7V or 1.8V DC output. The UNI-REG Board can be used to reduce and stabilize input voltage to the values selected by jumpers. Furthermore, the board comprises of screw terminals to facilitate easy connections. Mounting holes are provided on the corners for easy integration into the final device. All the components used on-board are of high-quality to maintain high-level performance.



USB Charger board

Charge batteries directly from a USB port without requiring any additional electronics or costly adapters by using the USB Charger board. This compact-sized additional board serves as a fully-featured battery charger with an integrated MCP73832 highly advanced linear charge management controller. Along with its small-size, the board comes equipped with integrated pass transistor, integrated current sense, and reverse discharge protection, which makes the USB Charger board an ideal choice for portable applications. It can be easily integrated into the design, no matter it is a prototype or a final product. Simply plug-in the cable and get your batteries charged!.

The USB Charger board is designed to operate using a standard USB 5V power through its mini-USB connector. It makes a cost-effective solution for a fast battery charger and well-suited for a wide range of applications, including lithium-ion/lithium-polymer battery chargers, personal data assistants, cellular telephones, digital cameras, MP3 players, Bluetooth headsets, and USB chargers.



USB Reg Board

The USB Reg Board is a smart accessory board, which lets the users to power their electronic devices by connecting them to the USB port of their personal computer. This plug-and-play additional board just needs to be plugged in to a USB hub so that the device can get powered over the USB connection. The USB regulator board has been designed to provide both 3.3V and 5V DC outputs. While 5V output comes directly from the USB, an incorporated MC33269DT power regulator circuit enables the board to produce 3.3V reference also. So, what this compact sized board actually does is that it allows you to conveniently power any of your 3.3V or 5V prototype device directly from USB port of your PC in a very simple and cost-efficient manner.

This USB Reg additional board comes equipped with three solder pads that enable it to get connected to 3.3V, 5V and GND outputs. After getting a header soldered in to the regulator board, this board becomes compatible for use with breadboards too.



Vibro Motor 2 Click Board

Vibro Motor 2 Click Board™



VOLT - Smart USB Li-Po battery charger

The VOLT - Smart USB Li-Po BatteryCcharger makes it possible for the users to charge the battery of their devices over a USB connector. This intelligently designed Lithium-Polymer battery charger serves as a reliable power source for devices that are constantly hungry for more battery backup or USB power supply. The ability of the VOLT - Smart USB Li-Po battery charger to charge the battery over USB connector is attributable to its in-built MCP73832 linear charge power management circuitry. This power management controller limits the charge current based on die temperature during high power or high ambient conditions.

This thermal regulation optimises the charge cycle time and thus makes this lithium-ion polymer battery charger a dependable and safe charger for user.



VREG 2 Click Board

The VREG 2 Click Board™ is a voltage regulator Click Board™, with outstanding performances. It has a steady output voltage with the ripple lower than 5mV, short circuit protection with the LED indicator, and high efficiency with minimal power dissipation. The main output regulation element is the LM317, a well-established adjustable voltage regulator, often used in various electrical designs, for its outstanding regulation characteristics. The supporting electronics allows for the reduced dissipation, voltage regulation and short-circuit indication. It consists of the LM358, a dual operational amplifier (op-amp) with high voltage gain, and the LM2596 buck converter. The VREG 2 Click Board™ can be used with the input voltage in the range of 10V to 35V, and output voltage in the range of 2.5V to 15V, with current up to 600mA.



VREG Click Board

The VReg Click Board™ is a digitally controlled DC Voltage regulator in MikroBUSform factor. The design is based on the well-known LM317 circuit, with the addition of a 12-bit DAC, 12-bit ADC, and an Operational Amplifier.

Two pairs of screw terminals serve as inputs and outputs.