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The Debug Store - The Electronic Engineers' Tool Store

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.

MicroElektronika (mikroE) is a dynamic forward thinking embedded systems development tools company with its headquarters in Belgrade.

MikroElekronika (MikroE) has chosen the Debug Store in the UK as their dedicated distributor of development tools.

The company is unique by producing complete development tool suites; ranging from compilers, debuggers, development platforms and training materials for a wide range of microcontroller families including ARM Cortex, AVR, PIC, PIC32, dsPIC and FT90x architectures. Support is also directly available for a huge range of peripheral devices including displays, video cameras, temperature probes and multi-axis gyroscopes and accelerometers by the provision of low-cost Click Modules. Their objective is to make the transition for the developer to a new architecture as simple and efficient as possible. It achieves this by providing software library support and working examples for all supported interfaces and development systems.

MikroElektronika (mikroE) have been chosen as the development tool company of choice by many major semiconductor manufacturers as they appreciate the use of mikroE tools will speed up development of new projects. They are recognised third-party development partners of companies such as Atmel, Cypress, Microchip, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and official consultants to others including NXP.


USB Cable 2m Braided Green (Type A-Micro B)

USB Cable 2m Braided Green (Type A-Micro B).



USB Cable 2m Braided Pink (Type A-Micro B)

USB Cable 2m Braided Pink (Type A-Micro B).



USB Cable 2m Braided Silver (Type A-Micro B)

USB Cable 2m Braided Silver (Type A-Micro B).



USB Cable A to B - RED

This is a USB 2.0 Type B to Type A plug 5-pin cable with reddish plastic insulation.



USB Charger board

Charge batteries directly from a USB port without requiring any additional electronics or costly adapters by using the USB Charger board. This compact-sized additional board serves as a fully-featured battery charger with an integrated MCP73832 highly advanced linear charge management controller. Along with its small-size, the board comes equipped with integrated pass transistor, integrated current sense, and reverse discharge protection, which makes the USB Charger board an ideal choice for portable applications. It can be easily integrated into the design, no matter it is a prototype or a final product. Simply plug-in the cable and get your batteries charged!.

The USB Charger board is designed to operate using a standard USB 5V power through its mini-USB connector. It makes a cost-effective solution for a fast battery charger and well-suited for a wide range of applications, including lithium-ion/lithium-polymer battery chargers, personal data assistants, cellular telephones, digital cameras, MP3 players, Bluetooth headsets, and USB chargers.



USB Connector Board

USB Connector Board features a USB connector that allows easy connection between a prototype device and USB devices.



USB I2C Click Board

The MikroE USB I2C click is a communication add-on board that acts like a highway intersection with one way in, three ways out for serial data. It incorporates a Microchip.



USB Mini-B Plug to Type-A Female adapter

USB Mini-B Plug to Type-A Female adapter.



USB MINI-B Roll Cable

This is a USB 2.0 type A to Mini-B 5-pin 1m cable with roll-patent mechanism.



USB Reg Board

The USB Reg Board is a smart accessory board, which lets the users to power their electronic devices by connecting them to the USB port of their personal computer. This plug-and-play additional board just needs to be plugged in to a USB hub so that the device can get powered over the USB connection. The USB regulator board has been designed to provide both 3.3V and 5V DC outputs. While 5V output comes directly from the USB, an incorporated MC33269DT power regulator circuit enables the board to produce 3.3V reference also. So, what this compact sized board actually does is that it allows you to conveniently power any of your 3.3V or 5V prototype device directly from USB port of your PC in a very simple and cost-efficient manner.

This USB Reg additional board comes equipped with three solder pads that enable it to get connected to 3.3V, 5V and GND outputs. After getting a header soldered in to the regulator board, this board becomes compatible for use with breadboards too.



USB SPI Click Board

Introduce SPI serial communication using USB cable to the user design with the USB SPI Click Board. This add-on board comes with MCP2210 USB-to-SPI protocol converter with GPIO as well as USB MINI B connector. The MCP2210 chip contains 256 bytes user EEPROM, 128-byte buffer to handle data, and 9 general purpose I/O pins. The 12 MHz crystal oscillator aboard USB SPI click offers external clock waveform for MCP2210 IC. The board includes two LED diodes, wherein, the green LED diode denotes the presence of power supply and the other indicates the SPI traffic. Compact and easy to implement, USB SPI click is designed to communicate with the target board microcontroller through Serial Peripheral communication interface as a master device. The board is designed to operate on 3.3V or 5V power supply, selectable by the SMD jumper.

USB SPI click is an ideal choice to connect with SPI client devices directly from the computer, without the need for a microcontroller.



USB UART 2 Board

Enable USB connectivity for prototype devices that have a UART interface with the new USB UART 2 Board. The board employs a USB-to-UART serial converter MCP2200, which enables user to add communication to the prototype device in a very economical way. The board comes with integrated USB termination resistors, which reduces the number of external components in the prototype device. It also comes with a mini-USB connector that supports full-speed USB. The fast and easy USB UART 2 Board allows data transfer through UART communication interface. It is designed to operate using a 5V power supply only. This USB-UART solution is designed with a small footprint and compact design. It has connection pads for all available pins.