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Mikroelektronika d.o.o.

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.

MicroElektronika (mikroE) is a dynamic forward thinking embedded systems development tools company with its headquarters in Belgrade.

MikroElekronika (MikroE) has chosen the Debug Store in the UK as their dedicated distributor of development tools.

The company is unique by producing complete development tool suites; ranging from compilers, debuggers, development platforms and training materials for a wide range of microcontroller families including ARM Cortex, AVR, PIC, PIC32, dsPIC and FT90x architectures. Support is also directly available for a huge range of peripheral devices including displays, video cameras, temperature probes and multi-axis gyroscopes and accelerometers by the provision of low-cost Click Modules. Their objective is to make the transition for the developer to a new architecture as simple and efficient as possible. It achieves this by providing software library support and working examples for all supported interfaces and development systems.

MikroElektronika (mikroE) have been chosen as the development tool company of choice by many major semiconductor manufacturers as they appreciate the use of mikroE tools will speed up development of new projects. They are recognised third-party development partners of companies such as Atmel, Cypress, Microchip, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and official consultants to others including NXP.


MikroMedia Connect Shield

MikroMedia Connect Shield is a pin-compatible expansion board with different types of MikroMedia boards offered by MikroElektronika. The connect shield enables user to bring about connections between the MikroMedia board and any additional electronic equipment.The board comes with integrated high-quality screw terminals that allow easy interfacing each pin without soldering.

The connect shield board has a prototyping area that aid in employing additional components and develop the base functionality with custom features. The board features VCC and GND lines on the sides of the prototyping area. This MikroMedia shield is offered with two 26-pin stacking headers. Highly convenient in prototype development, this board allows user to integrate the MikroMedia board as a final product.



MikroMedia for dsPIC33

Loaded with on-board peripherals, the MikroMedia for dsPIC33 is a compact-size development system for all-round multimedia development. Based on 16-bit dsPIC33FJ256GP710A device, it also features a range of integrated modules, including stereo MP3 codec, TFT 320?



MikroMedia for dsPIC33EP

The MikroMedia for dsPIC33EP belongs to the latest enhanced family of Microchip



MikroMedia for PIC18FJ

MikroMedia for PIC18FJ



MikroMedia for PIC18FK

The MikroMedia for PIC18FK is a compact smart display and development platform with the PIC18F67K40 microcontroller from Microchip.

The large 320x240 TFT colour display will allow you to build multimedia applications with speed and ease. You can use it for development and as a final product.



MikroMedia for PIC24

A compact development system with lots of on-board peripherals, MikroMedia for PIC24 allows development of devices with multimedia content.

Based on the 16-bit Microchip PIC24FJ256GB110 microcontroller, the board is programmed with a fast USB bootloader by default. So, the user doesn



MikroMedia for PIC24EP

MikroMedia for PIC24EP



MikroMedia for PIC32

The MikroMedia for PIC32 is a compact development system loaded with on-board peripherals for all-round multimedia development on a 32-bit PIC32MX460F512L microcontroller. Capable of being used for both development or as a final product, it comes with integrated modules such as stereo MP3 codec, TFT 320x240 touch screen display, accelerometer, USB connector, audio connector, MMC/SD card slot, 8 Mbit flash memory, 2x26 connection pads and many others. The VS1053 stereo MP3 codecs capable of decoding MP3/WMA/AAC/eAAC+/Ogg Vorbis/WAV files from a MMC card. Pre-programmed with the fast USB Bootloader, the microcontroller does not need any external programmer for development. The compact pocket-fit size makes the MikroMedia for PIC32 an excellent choice for mobile applications. With a simple press, the reset button on board enable user to reset the circuit. It also contains a microSD card slot to support use of microSD cards in the projects.



MikroMedia for PSoC 5LP

The MikroMedia for PSoC 5LP is a smart development system for the PSoC family of microcontrollers from Cypress. Equipped with the powerful CY8C5868AXI-LP035 microcontroller with the ARM Cortex-M3 core, this MikroMedia board features all the rich multimedia capabilities of other MikroMedias. The MikroMedia for PSoC 5LP has a compact size, and comes integrated with a 320x240 pixel touch screen, mp3 codec, accelerometer, microSD card slot, and many more modules.

It features a HID USB bootloader, which eliminates the need to use external programmers to program the microcontroller. Use it as a development board or as a final product



MikroMedia for Stellaris M3

The MikroMedia for Stellaris M3 is a compact multimedia development system rich with on-board peripherals that support for development of multimedia content applications.

It is equipped with a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 LM3S9B95 microcontroller, which comes programmed with fast USB HID bootloader by default. For more demanding applications, the user may use the external programmers, such as MikroProg for Stellaris or JTAG programmer. The MikroMedia for Stellaris M3 board is loaded with modules, such as stereo MP3 codec, TFT 320x240 touch screen display, accelerometer, MMC/SD card slot, 8 Mbit flash memory, battery charger, and many others. The board is also equipped with 8 MHz crystal oscillator (X1) circuit that provides external clock waveform to the microcontroller OSC0 and OSC1 pins. The on-board microSD card slot allows user to store data externally while saving microcontroller memory. It comes with a touch screen that combines a TFT 320x240 display covered with a resistive touch panel.

The MikroMedia for Stellaris M3 is a good choice for mobile devices thanks to its compact and slim design.



MikroMedia for STM32 M3

The MikroMedia for STM32 M3 is a high-quality development system carrying STM32F207VGT6 microcontroller. It is equipped with rich multimedia modules and provided with full set of examples and documentation for ease of use.

The MikroMedia for STM32 M3 board comes integrated with a lot of modules such as stereo MP3 codec, TFT 320x240 touch screen display, accelerometer, USB connector, MMC/SD card slot, 8 Mbit flash memory, 2x26 connection pads and others. This compact board is also equipped with a battery charger circuit for Li-Polymer batteries, crystal oscillator, front-facing reset button, and connection pads for all other available pins. The on-board large TFT colour display with touch screen and stereo MP3 codec chip makes it a good choice for a wide range of multimedia applications.

The MikroMedia for STM32 M3 is designed to be compact and handy with quality components and 4-layer PCB. With on-board microSD memory card slot, the user can store enough data to use in applications. It comes pre-programmed with USB HID bootloader. If required, the microcontroller can also be programmed and debugged using the MikroProg for STM32 debugger or ST-LINK. The board enables users to create colourful GUIs for MikroMedia with support to VisualTFT software.



MikroMedia for STM32 M4

The MikroMedia for STM32 M4 is a compact multimedia board featuring 320x240 colour TFT display with touch screen. It also incorporates other modules, including stereo MP3 codec chip, accelerometer, 8 Mbit serial Flash memory, microSD memory card slot, USB interface and on-board battery charger.

Based on 32-bit STM32F407VGT6 microcontroller, MikroMedia for STM32 M4 board comes pre-programmed with fast USB HID bootloader, such as MikroProg for STM32 or ST-LINK, and so it