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The Debug Store - The Electronic Engineers' Tool Store

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.

MicroElektronika (mikroE) is a dynamic forward thinking embedded systems development tools company with its headquarters in Belgrade.

MikroElekronika (MikroE) has chosen the Debug Store in the UK as their dedicated distributor of development tools.

The company is unique by producing complete development tool suites; ranging from compilers, debuggers, development platforms and training materials for a wide range of microcontroller families including ARM Cortex, AVR, PIC, PIC32, dsPIC and FT90x architectures. Support is also directly available for a huge range of peripheral devices including displays, video cameras, temperature probes and multi-axis gyroscopes and accelerometers by the provision of low-cost Click Modules. Their objective is to make the transition for the developer to a new architecture as simple and efficient as possible. It achieves this by providing software library support and working examples for all supported interfaces and development systems.

MikroElektronika (mikroE) have been chosen as the development tool company of choice by many major semiconductor manufacturers as they appreciate the use of mikroE tools will speed up development of new projects. They are recognised third-party development partners of companies such as Atmel, Cypress, Microchip, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and official consultants to others including NXP.


mikroProg for PIC, dsPIC and PIC32

The MikroProg for PIC, dsPIC and PIC32 is a fast USB 2.0 programmer with a built-in MikroICDhardware In-Circuit Debugger. Smart engineering allows MikroProg to support PIC10, PIC12, PIC16, PIC18, dsPIC30/33, PIC24 and PIC32 devices in a single programmer!.

It supports over 920 microcontrollers from Microchip. Outstanding performance, easy operation and elegant design are its top features. Debug your code and monitor code execution on the chip itself. MikroProgtechnology brings the power of hardware debugging to your favourite compiler.

Compiler Compatibility MikroProgis supported with MikroC, MikroBasicand MikroPascalcompilers for PIC.



mikroProg for TIVA

The MikroProg for Tiva is a fast programmer and hardware debugger.

MikroProg supports all Stellaris and Tiva C Series ARM Cortex-M3 and M4 devices.



mikroProg to ICD2 & ICD3 adapter

The MikroProg to ICD2 & ICD3 is a powerful adapter board designed to let you connect the MikroProg programmer and in-circuit debugger to a target board where only ICD2/3 connector is available for programming.

This adapter board is an ideal choice for all those who relied on ICD2 or ICD3 programmer in the PCB design. Also, users using earlier versions of MMB for PIC32MX4 and MMB for PIC32MX7 can now use MikroProg in the development. Small, compact and reliable, this adapter board comes with ICD2/3 cable included. Designed with clear markings, MikroProg to ICD2 & ICD3 adapter features the necessary interface for stable and secure connection of PGC, PGD, RST, VCC and GND programming lines. It is provided with IDC10 header and RJ-12 connectors for easy and secure connections.



mikroProg to ST-Link v2 adapter

The MikroProg to ST-Link v2 is an adapter board that enables the user to connect MikroProg for STM32 programmer and hardware debugger to the male JTAG connector on the target board. Based on ST-LINK v2, MikroProg for STM32 is a fast in-system programmer and hardware debugger. Backed with outstanding performance and easy operation, the multi-adapter board employs one 2x5 male header and a 2x10 female socket. The MikroProg to ST-Link v2 adapter should be first placed on 2x10 male header on the target board, and after that the MikroProg should be plugged into the adapter.



mikroProg™ for 8051

The MikroProg for 8051 is a fast USB programmer. Smart engineering allows MikroProg to support Atmel AT89 devices in a single programmer! Outstanding performance, easy operation, elegant design and low price are it's top features.

It is supported in MikroElektronika 8051 compilers.



mikroProg™ for AVR

The MikroProg for AVR is a standalone USB programmer for all 8-bit Atmel AVR microcontrollers. It is supported with MikroC, MikroBasic and MikroPascal compilers for AVR.



mikroProg™ for Kinetis®

Mikroprog for Kinetis

The MikroProg for Kinetis is a fast programmer and hardware debugger for NXP's popular ARM Cortex-M4 Kinetis microcontrollers from the K22 and K64 families.



mikroProg™ for MSP432

The MikroProg for MSP432 is a fast and reliable USB programmer and hardware debugger.

This MikroProg supports the SimpleLink MSP432 microcontroller family from Texas Instruments.



mikroProg™ for PSoC® 5LP

The MikroProg for PSoC 5LP is a fast programmer and hardware debugger based on Miniprog from Cypress. It supports all PSoC 5LP microcontrollers with ARM



mikroProg™ for STM32

The MikroProg for STM32 is a fast USB 2.0 programmer and hardware debugger based on ST-LINK v2. Smart engineering allows MikroProg to support all STM32 ARM Cortex-M devices in a single programmer.




MikroTFT is a TFT LCD touchscreen board featuring MI0283QT-9A 2.8" TFT colour display with 320 x 240 pixel resolution. Powered by ILI9341 display controller, the display offers exceptional graphics with each pixel capable of displaying 262K RGB colours. A resistive touch panel over the TFT display allows it to be used as an input device. MikroTFT is provided with two 1x26 side headers to ensure easy connection with other development boards and devices. It can be integrated into device or can be used as a development tool. Whichever solution the user chooses, the user is capable of retaining the same front panel and same integration. Furthermore, mounting holes (?



mikroXMEGA Board

Ready for XMEGA Board is the best solution for fast and simple development of various microcontroller applications. It comes with ATXmega128A1. It contains double-row smart headers for all available microcontroller ports, USB-UART module, prototyping area and a power supply circuit. Board is specially designed to fit into special white plastic casing which is sold separately.