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The Debug Store - The Electronic Engineers' Tool Store

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.

Mikroelektronika d.o.o.

MicroElektronika (mikroE) is a dynamic forward thinking embedded systems development tools company with its headquarters in Belgrade.

MikroElekronika (MikroE) has chosen the Debug Store in the UK as their dedicated distributor of development tools.

The company is unique by producing complete development tool suites; ranging from compilers, debuggers, development platforms and training materials for a wide range of microcontroller families including ARM Cortex, AVR, PIC, PIC32, dsPIC and FT90x architectures. Support is also directly available for a huge range of peripheral devices including displays, video cameras, temperature probes and multi-axis gyroscopes and accelerometers by the provision of low-cost Click Modules. Their objective is to make the transition for the developer to a new architecture as simple and efficient as possible. It achieves this by providing software library support and working examples for all supported interfaces and development systems.

MikroElektronika (mikroE) have been chosen as the development tool company of choice by many major semiconductor manufacturers as they appreciate the use of mikroE tools will speed up development of new projects. They are recognised third-party development partners of companies such as Atmel, Cypress, Microchip, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and official consultants to others including NXP.


SMA right angle female connector for PCB

SMA right angle female connector for PCB.




The SmartADAPT add-on board allows user to manually redirect signal sent from a pin on the development system to a pin of another additional board or device. This board is equipped with 160 male headers from 20?



SmartADAPT 2 Board

The SmartADAPT2 Board is an accessory board used to rearrange 16 I/O pins just by moving on-board jumpers in order to meet the specified needs. This board is ideal for configuring the prototype device I/O pins. This patch panel board is designed to be compatible with MikroElektronika's development systems and prototyping boards. The SmartADAPT2 Board comes with two 8-bit I/O ports to be reconfigured to aid attaching peripherals and other hardware. It has 32x16 header matrix with 16 jumpers that allow user to adjust desired input lines to appropriate output headers. The user is provided with on-board screw terminals that enable use of external power supply in place of using input headers. The output VCC pin can be configured using a jumper. The SmartADAPT2 Board supports use with 3.3V and 5V systems.




The SmartADAPT MINI Board allows user to manually redirect signal sent from a pin on the development system to a pin of another additional board or device. This board is equipped with 160 male headers from 16x10 header matrix and 8 jumpers that aid in adjusting the input lines. By routing the input lines to specific output headers, the user can form a new, desired pinout arrangement. The SmartADAPT MINI board features two output and two input IDC10 headers compatible with MikroElektronika development and accessory boards. The SmartADAPT MINI board is designed to operate using both 3.3V and 5V systems.

Note: Pins 9 and 10 are universally reserved for VCC and GND among all MikroElektronika systems, leaving only eight output pins to be configurable.



SmartADAPT2 with GLCD Connector

The SmartADAPT2 with GLCD/LCD Connector Board is used to rearrange 16 I/O pins just by moving on-board jumpers in order to meet your specified needs. It features a jumper for selecting input voltage and configurable GLCD/LCD connector.



SmartBuck Click Board

The Smart Buck Click Board™ is the two-channel step-down DC/DC converter and regulator, with plenty of additional functions. It can provide voltage measurement at each of its two programmable voltage outputs, as well as the measurement of the current consumption. In addition, it can also provide power consumption measurements of the Click board™ itself, both at the mikroBUS™ +5V power rail, and the external voltage input terminal. Finally, there is 2kbit of EEPROM at disposal, which can be used for logging the measurements, storage of the working parameters, or any other type of general purpose data.



SmartG100 Board

Add GSM/GPRS functionality to the device with the SmartG100 Board. It is a full-featured development system for uBlox Leon-G100 GSM/GPRS, class 10 module. The user just needs to supply a power supply voltage of 9-32V DC or 7-23 AC, insert SIM card, connect GSM antenna, and the user is set to develop GSM-GPRS based devices. The board is equipped with an antenna connector, SIM card socket as well as a voltage regulator. The SmartG100 Board has DIP switch for configuring communication lines with the target microcontroller. The board uses the IDC10 connector with 2.54mm pin header for connection with peripheral modules. It has mounting holes on each corner to facilitate integration in the user design.

This additional board, with such features, makes an ideal choice for M2M and automotive applications, such as surveillance and security, fleet management, people and asset tracking, Point of Sales (PoS) terminals and so on.



SmartGLCD 240x128 Board

SmartGLCD 240x128 is a full-featured board for easy development of embedded graphical applications using PIC18F87K22 device. Board features 240x128px GLCD (with RA6963C controller) with RGB backlight and a Touch Screen.



SmartGM862 Board

Develop your own GSM-GPRS based device with the SmartGM862 Board. It is a full-featured development tool for the Telit's GM862-QUAD and GM862-GPS cellular modems. The SmartGM862 Board features an integrated GM862 module connector, antenna holders, speaker, and microphone screw terminals. The board uses 9-32V DC or 7-23 AC power supply voltage and provides voltage regulation ensuring no need to connect additional power supply circuits. The on-board DIP switch is for configuring UART communication lines with the target microcontroller. The SmartGM862 Board features IDC10 connector for connection to development boards.

On flipping the board, the user gets to see double row soldering pads for accessing each module line separately. SmartGM862 Board supports GM862-GPS, GM862-QUAD-PY and GM862-QUAD Telit GSM/GPRS modules, which combine the access to digital communication services in GSM 850, 900, DCS 1800 and PCS1900 MHz networks.

With such features, this additional board makes a great choice for automotive, military, education, and telecommunication applications.



SmartGPS Board

This SmartGPS Board enables the user to add GPS functionality to his device in a pretty simplified manner. The operating mechanism of this compact-sized GPS solution is based upon the popular ublox LEA-6S module. The board features a power supply circuit, and USB and antenna connectors. It comes equipped with a li-polymer battery that helps in data retention, and an IDC10 header that helps it in getting connected with the target board.

SmartGPS Board has the amazing ability of doing numerous parallel searches, thanks to its unique SuperSense KickStart feature, which allows accelerated acquisition of weak signals. The additional board provides Time To First Fix (TTFF) of less than 1 second, while long correlation/dwell times make an acquisition and tracking sensitivity of -160dBm possible. Powered by the performance-driven 50-channel u-blox 5 technology, the board sports an innovative jamming-resistant RF architecture. For providing the user with a flexible choice of communication lines with various development systems, the SmartGPS Board has been fitted with DIP switches. The board communicates with development systems using UART or USB interface.



SmartGPS Board with Active Antenna

SmartGPS Board with Active Antenna.



SmartMP3 Board

Now create your audio devices in no time using the new and improved SmartMP3 Board that has been redesigned by MikroElektronika after receiving a lot of suggestions from the users of the previous version. This advanced SmartMP3 Board features a more powerful and versatile VS1053 - Ogg Vorbis/MP3/AAC/WMA/FLAC/WAV/MIDI stereo audio codec that allows reproducing audio files in numerous formats. The board also employs two 3.5mm stereo audio connectors (MIC/LINE IN and Headphones), built-in speakers, microSD card, as well as 2x5 male header for enhanced connectivity on MikroElektronika Easy development boards.

The SmartMP3 Board uses the SPI interface for communication with the target board microcontroller. A flat cable, provided with the board, can be used to establish connectivity. Due to its more compact size, it can easily fit into smaller spaces. An on-board jumper enables user to set the power supply voltage to 3.3V or 5V depending on the development system in use.