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Motor Control

Motor Control


Brushless 2 Click Board

The Brushless 2 Click Board is fitted with the DRV10964 BLDC motor controller with an integrated output stage. The click is designed to run on either 3.3V or 5V power supply.

It communicates with the target microcontroller over the following pins on the MikroBUSline: AN, RST, CS, PWM, INT.



Brushless 3 Click Board

The Brushless 3 Click Board carries the DRV10983, a three-phase sensor-less motor driver with integrated power MOSFETs. When an external power supply is applied, you can drive a brush-less DC motor through the PWM pin, AN pin or I2C interface.

It communicates with the target microcontroller over I2C interface, with the additional functionality provided by the following pins on the mikroBUS line: PWM, AN, INT, RST.d.



Brushless 4 Click Board

The Brushless 4 Click Board is a 3 phase sensorless BLDC motor driver, which features a 180? sinusoidal drive, providing high efficiency and low acoustic noise. This type of drivers inherently provides higher torque in general, compared to classical 120? BLDC motor drivers. Brushless 4 click allows a wide voltage range to be used for the power supply: from 2V, up to 14V. The Click board features a standard set of protection features: overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, overcurrent limiting, but also some more specific protection features, such as the rotor lock-up protection and automatic restart function.




Brushless 5 Click Board

The Brushless 5 Click Board is a 3 phase sensorless BLDC motor controller, with a soft-switching feature for reduced motor noise and EMI, and precise BEMF motor sensing, which eliminates the need for Hall-sensors in motor applications. It can drive 5V-16V motors with up to 500 mA current. The motor driver allows speed control via the PWM signal from the host MCU. It also features an output pin for reading the speed of the motor. Delayed phase commutation ensures a reliable motor start, while the Lock Detect function prevents damage and overheating.



Brushless 6 Click Board

The Brushless 6 Click Board is designed to drive a three-phase sensorless, brushless motor, also known as the BLDC motor. The motor rotation is controlled by receiving driving commands via the incoming PWM signal. This click board fully controls the rotation of the BLDC motor by utilizing the onboard MCU ATmega8A, an 8-bit MCU from Microchip. The onboard MCU outputs are not adequate to power on the coils of the BLDC motor directly, so this MCU is used to control the power circuitry, instead. This circuit consists of 6 MOSFET transistors, used to switch the power from an external power source to the appropriate stator coils.



Brushless Click Board

The Brushless Click Board carries Toshiba's TB6575FNG IC for driving 3-phase full-wave Brushless DC motors ?? which are ideal for powering flying drones.



DC Motor 2 Click Board

The DC MOTOR 2 Click Board is based on the TB6593FNG driver IC for direct current motors. With two pairs of screw terminals (power supply and outputs), the click board can drive motors with voltages from 2.5 to 13V.



DC Motor 3 Click Board

The DC MOTOR 3 Click Board is a MikroBUS add-on board with a Toshiba TB6549FG full-bridge driver for direct current motors. The IC is capable of outputting currents of up to 3.5 A with 30V, making it suitable for high-power motors.



DC Motor 4 Click Board

The DC MOTOR 4 Click Board is capable of driving motors with a supply voltage from 4.5V to 36V. It carries the MAX14870 motor driver from Maxim Integrated.

The click is designed to run on either 3.3V or 5V power supply. DC MOTOR 4 click communicates with the target MCU over the following pins on the MikroBUS line: PWM, AN, CS, and INT.



DC MOTOR 5 Click Board

The DC MOTOR 5 Click Board carries the DRV8701 brushed DC motor gate driver from Texas Instruments.

The click is designed to run on an external power supply. It communicates with the target MCU over the following pins on the MikroBUS line: AN, RST, CS, PWM, and INT.



DC MOTOR 7 Click Board

DC MOTOR 7 click is a dual brushed DC motor driving Click board™, featuring the advanced PWM chopper-type integrated DC motor driver, labeled as TB67H400AFTG. This IC can drive two brushed DC motors independently, using a wide range of supply voltages, while delivering reasonably high current to the connected DC motors. This is possible due to the low resistance of the integrated H-Bridges. In addition to being able to drive two independent DC motors, it can be used in a so-called large mode to drive a single motor, utilizing both bridges in parallel. This effectively doubles the amount of current it can deliver to the DC motor.

The Click board™ is supported by the mikroSDK compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development. The Click board™ comes as a fully tested product, ready to be used on a system equipped with mikroBUS™.



DC Motor 8 Click Board

The DC Motor 8 Click Board is a DC motor driver. It can drive simple DC motors with brushes, providing them with a significant amount of current and voltage up to 40V. The click has one control input, that uses the PWM signal from the host MCU. It uses the half-bridge topology to regulate the speed of the motor rotation, employs advanced dead-time circuitry that monitors the output stage, providing maximum switching efficiency and features an advanced technique to avoid shoot-through currents.